How to get back in shape in 10 steps
How to get back in shape in 10 steps

Getting back into shape is not just sports and strict diets, but a lifestyle that must be adopted and maintained consistently: 10 indications to succeed

Get in shape in view of the summer it becomes a priority, which is why we asked an expert for help to have a vademecum to be put in place immediately to get to the costume fitting in the best possible way.

We have been from Ceresio 7 | Gym & Spa, the club opened this winter in the Milanese headquarters of Dsquared2 and we trained with Selene Genisella, personal trainer who only works on and with women, because we have muscle needs and responses different from those of men.

With her we tried part of hers SGProgram, a training program (as well as good nutrition advice and a lot of motivation to acquire healthy habits) which, in line with the philosophy of the gym by Dean and Dan Caten, aims to transform sport from duty to psycho-physical wellbeing.

So here it is how to get fit in ten steps.


1. EAT CLEAN, TRAIN HARD, that is, eat well, move more and decide who you want to be. The first step to getting in shape (and staying in shape) is decide you want to please yourself. The second, stop making excuses and start believing in yourself. "It's amazing what you can do when you don't intend to give up."

2. TRANSFORM MOVEMENT INTO PLEASURE. Your physical activity it doesn't have to be just the one in the gym, but constant and part of the day - whether it's taking the stairs or getting off the bus one stop earlier to walk an extra kilometer. Make movement a pleasure, walks outside the city, walks on the shoreline to the sea, organize a game of tennis with friends.

3. ALWAYS VARY YOUR WORKOUT. Repeating makes us safe, but varying the training serves both to not get bored and to move all the muscles of the body differently - which leads to a much better result. Cardio and toning (with or without weights) are equally important, and give the greatest benefits when doing both. (Which translated means to do some weight after running for example).


4. MOVE AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP. Three times a week, set aside 30 minutes from your morning and, even before breakfast, activate your body with bodyweight exercises, yoga, a walk. This will activate your body and metabolism, and you will end up feeling more energetic and consuming more throughout the day.

5. WORK OUT. The body is an elaborate machine, but the brain is more so. Whatever exercise we are doing we will try without realizing it to do it with the least possible energy expenditure. Wrong. When you train always pay attention to the movement what you are doing and the messages your body is sending you. If you are training your glutes and glutes are not hurting you, you are doing something wrong. Adjust the movement until it becomes tiring. In energy saving mode you don't get back into shape.

6. ELASTIC ALWAYS IN THE CASE. Buy yourself one elastic fitness band and always carry it in your bag or suitcase: without any weight you can train at any time and without the need for machinery or large spaces whenever you want and opportunity.

ceresio palestra

7. CUT THE PORTIONS. No drastic diets needed - decrease the portions maintaining the right amount of all nutrients: a third of the dish must consist of carbohydrates, one third from vegetables, the last third from dairy products and lean proteins. In order not to arrive hungry at meals, have a snack.

8. ELIMINATE PACKAGED FOODS. Eliminate packaged and sugary foods e limit the salt to a minimum. Banish sodas and juices, which look healthy but are full of sugar.

9. ENJOY ONE FREE MEAL PER WEEK. Is called Cheat Meal and it's a sgarro meal to be maintained once a week for two reasons, one physical and one mental. On one side you will fool your metabolism, which in this way will not lower its basal consumption, on the other hand it will be easier keep motivation during the rest of the week with the prospect of a diet free evening.

10. DRINK THREE LITERS OF WATER. Everyday. They will benefit the body, fitness and even the skin.

For those who are in Milan it is possible try a workout with Selene at Ceresio 7 | Gym & Spa.

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