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Rihanna fattened: the star responds to criticism with a meme
Rihanna fattened: the star responds to criticism with a meme

A photo portrays Rihanna gaining weight, criticism is unleashed on the net, the star responds with a clear message: "If you don't accept me you don't deserve me"

In the last few days everyone is talking about the Rihanna's weight.

The reason? The singer was paparazzi and pointed out to be fattened - and many (unfortunately) have taken the opportunity to vent the usual frustration that justifies any kind of insult to public figures.

Especially when it comes to women

It must be said that as many people have mobilized to defend not only Rihanna, but the sacrosanct right not to be insulted for what, in effect, is not an indicator of skill: weight and physical appearance in general.

The star does not officially comment, but he posted a reply in meme format on his Instagram profile.

We give you a small summary of what is happening.

rihanna grassa paparazzi

Rihanna's pictures put on weight

It all started a few weeks ago when the reporter Chris Spags published an article on Bastool Sports in which, alongside the photos of the visibly fattened star, he delighted in writing, in order:

“You will see that Rihanna it will make flab the latest trend»,

"Abused room service",

Looks pregnant

rihanna abito tranch

The divided network

On the net, users were divided between haters who gave vent to the less human part of them, with increasingly sexist and offensive comments, and people, including many fans but not only, who they took the star's defense.

For the occasion, the hashtag was created #Thickanna (from the fusion of her name with the adjective thick, full), used by women who wanted to show her support.

At that point, it was the journalist who ignited the controversy against Rihanna, attacked in turn by insults and accusations.

Eventually Spags sprinkled his head with ashes, deleted the article from the site and has publicly apologized.

meme rihanna risposta grassa

Rihanna's response

The singer kept the more total confidentiality on the matter, at least officially.

On his Instagram profile, however, he posted a meme (the one you see above) in which you see the rapper Gucci Mane in a confrontation ten years later, with two very different physical conditions and the inscription:

If you can't accept me in my 2007 version, you don't deserve me in my 2017 version

rihanna cannes

The last appearance

For many seeing Rihanna with a few extra pounds is unacceptable because has made the image one of its strengths to make a career.

For others weight gain only makes the artist more human, who like many must fight with the scales.

In our opinion Rihanna is equally beautiful, as demonstrated on the Cannes red carpet a few days ago, with or without extra pounds.

But the truth is another (and only one): its weight should not be a topic of discussion.

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