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Palm Painting: the latest trend for sun-kissed hair
Palm Painting: the latest trend for sun-kissed hair

Are you a fan of balayage but looking for a technique that perfects it? Palm Painting is the new trend for you!

The Palm Painting is the latest evolution of balayage, invented by the hair stylist Marcos Verìssimo of the London salon Neville Hair and became famous through social media.

It is a color that creates highlights of different shades on all lengths, made homogeneously on the hair with a very natural result, similar to the lightening effect of the sun.

The final effect is reminiscent of the famous hair of Gisele Bundchen, Rosy Huntington-Whiteley and Jessica Alba.

How is Palm Painting done?

This is a "freehand" technique because no brushes or other tools are used to apply the lightening product to the hair. The color is distributed directly with the hands by the colorist, with the great advantage of not creating any clear and visible vertical streaks.

The product is placed on the palm of the hands and applied gradually, from the tips to the roots, modulating the intensity with great control.

In this way it becomes easier to adapt to the texture of the hair and the type of cut, with a very bright, natural and personalized result.

Who is Palm Painting recommended for?

This color is very versatile and particularly suitable for medium-long hair.

It can be made on any color, from dark brown to honey blonde, choosing natural shades even a few shades lighter than the base.Since the intensity can be precisely calibrated, it is a very suitable choice to revive the color without too radical changes.

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Palm Painting: the new trendy color

Solar beauty par excellence, Rosie chooses very natural highlights to enhance the brightness of her hair.Photo Credit: Getty Images
A recent shot of the British model and actress: palm painting gives an even more natural look to warm highlights, perfect for a summer look.Photo Credit: Getty Images
Gisele can be considered the muse par excellence of highlights techniques. The lightening on her hair has always been so natural that it looks like the result of sun exposure.Photo Credit: Getty Images
Among the major advantages of Palm Painting are the fact that it is less aggressive on the hair than the colors with foils and that it avoids the dreaded vertical bar effect. Photo Credit: Getty Images
The American actress demonstrates how Palm Painting also goes well with brown hair, on which she creates soft highlights that look like a bath of natural light.Photo Credit: Getty Images

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