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Seven good habits to get in shape (and stay fit)
Seven good habits to get in shape (and stay fit)

To get back into shape, diet alone is not enough and is not needed: here are seven small good habits to follow consistently to recover and keep your figure

There is not only the scale, but also the way in which the clothes mark the critical points of the body or on the contrary slide on the curves.

Research (and maintenance) of physical fitness that best suits us is constant work and too often causes despair, when hard-won results vanish as soon as the diet ends or visits to the gym are diluted.

The truth is indeed that it is not enough to make sacrifices and sacrifices for a few weeks to have a perfect body, it takes dedication and perseverance.

Which, in hindsight, is good news, because in order to stay in shape we undergo much less suffering if instead of drastic sacrifices we accustom the body to small and harmless good habits.

And i results achieved will last forever, allowing us to forget the word diet.

Just make these your own seven good habits.

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Combine cardio and weights

Exercising five times a week, but the wrong way, it is really of little use.

Better focus oncardio activity, which burns calories during exercise, but combined with the weights, which allow you to gain muscle mass (which consumes many more calories at rest than lean).

The ideal would be do workout three times a week and in the remaining days walk as much as possible and always take the stairs.


Changing sports and training

The body is a perfect machine, but it goes continuously stimulated.

To make sure it keeps burning, you will have to continually improve and challenge it.

Add extra weight when you work out, or alternate the pool with running and yoga. Try different classes in the gym and if it happens to you explore new activities on weekends, whether it's trekking or skiing, depending on the season.

The important is do not allow the body to sit on its laurels.

You'll probably end up having more fun too.

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Limit sugars

Physical training it's only part of the equation.

To get results you need to change your eating habits and adopt a healthy and balanced diet, in which the consumption of sugars is minimized.

Aliments already in nature they contain sugar and this is sufficient for the daily requirement.

Discard the teaspoon of sugar, honey or sweetener that we add to coffee, or dessert after meals, is the first step towards a new and healthier life.

Keep it as an exception.

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Eat proteins, control carbohydrates

Giving up bread and pasta is difficult and although the immediate results are significant, in the long run it is of little use.

Rather, reduce the portions, replacing part of it with proteins or vegetables.

Fish and legumes, accompanied by large quantities of vegetables, are the foods to be preferred. While it would be good check the intake of cheese and dairy products, poorly digestible and often causes digestive problems and consequent swelling.

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Limit alcohol

When the number of outings, aperitifs and occasions when you indulge in a glass of wine or a cocktail too many, effects on the waist they are seen almost instantly.

Alcohol already contains one in itself high amount of sugar, which spike when mixed with juices and drinks.

Better to replace it with non-alcoholic drinks based on fresh fruit, extracts or, better yet, a glass of tomato juice.

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Get even with calories

Food is emotion, for this reason often we get carried away losing calorie count (as it should be).

When you want to indulge yourself, or are planning a particularly rich dinner out, put the scores back on balance by scheduling an extra jogging session.

Without counting the calories on your plate, but pay attention to what you eat (or nibble) during the day.

Try a food diary in which to write everything, including candies, what you eat in one day. It will help you focus on it.

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Plan your meals out

The best way to not give in to temptation is not having them in front of you.

During the week prepare your own lunch to eat in the office or to the park and avoid gorging yourself on sandwiches and wraps.

Even the bar salads they are not always dietary because they contain too many foods, which when added together are equivalent to any other dish.

Better do it yourself, combining savings and diet.

And when you know you have to dine out, already prepare yourself mentally by deciding what you will order, choosing between an appetizer and a dish or a dish and a dessert.

Notwithstanding that at least one day a week you can indulge in everythingas long as you follow these tips for the other six days.

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