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The best organic and natural tonics chosen by
The best organic and natural tonics chosen by

The face tonic is a fundamental product of the beauty routine: find out why to choose it organic and which ones are the best in our opinion

THE organic tonics they are a concentrate of beneficial ingredients exclusively of vegetable origin that use the different properties of flowers and plants to restore the skin's ph, soothe, tighten, mattify, revitalize or moisturize the skin, according to personal needs.

The main differences with traditional cosmetic tonics include the absence of chemical ingredients and preservatives, parabens, petrolatum, silicones and synthetic alcohols.Their blends based on natural hydrolates (distillates of officinal plants and flowers) are extremely pure, powerful and guarantee lasting results.

What are the main characteristics of organic tonics?

There are countless types of organic and natural tonics, based on the hydrolates and plant extracts they contain in their blends. They must be carefully chosen based on your skin type as it happens for any other specific cosmetic for the face.

The total absence of alcohol and chemicals makes them particularly suitable both in the case of oily or acne-prone skin, which is not further inflamed or forced to produce more sebum, and in the case of dry and arid skin, because they do not compromise hydration.

How to choose organic tonics?

As we have already said, it is very important to know your skin characteristics well in order to choose the most suitable product.

There oily, combination, inflamed skin and acne-prone will benefit from bio-based tonics lavender, sage, witch hazel, mallow, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary.

There dry skin will receive hydration and nourishment from rose waters, orange blossom, aloe And lavender.

There more mature skin will be revitalized by ingredients such as ginseng, argan oil, eucalyptus, lemon, chamomile and rose centifolia.

There delicate skin prone to redness, finally, it will receive relief with chamomile, aloe, cornflower and orange blossom.

Find out in the gallery which are the best organic tonics for us and who they are suitable for

The best organic and natural tonics chosen by us

Contains lavender and peppermint waters but also extracts of bergamot, lemon, willow, pineapple, passion flower and grapes. The combined action of its ingredients completes the cleansing of the face with an antiseptic, mattifying and sebum-regulating action.
Obtained from the distillation of maleleuca leaves, this natural hydrosol is an excellent ally to fight acne, eczema and psoriasis.
A delicate organic tonic based on Plantain and Imperatoria herbs with lightening properties. Its formula contains antibacterial and refreshing alcohol of vegetable origin, suitable for oily and combination skin.
This lotion promotes a luminous and vital complexion by strengthening impure skin, characterized by dilated pores. Contains antyllis, calendula and nasturtium which act synergistically to rebalance sebum production while normalizing irritations.
A versatile hydrosol, perfect as a face tonic but also for hair and body care. Indicated for combination or oily skin which normalizes the production of sebum while it tones, normalizes and revitalizes.
This astringent and balancing tonic leaves combination or oily skin fresh and radiant thanks to its natural extracts, including bearberry which restores normal sebum production. It also provides an antioxidant boost thanks to green tea leaf extract.
A totally alcohol-free toner particularly suitable for combination and sensitive skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it improves the tone and texture of the complexion without irritating.
An Aloe base on which 18 different herbs are mixed that rebalance the skin, minimize the appearance of pores, soothe, brighten and restore the correct skin pH. Suitable for all skin types.
This tonic contains Hyaluronic Acid of natural and biocompatible origin, Centella Asiatica, Mandarin and Jasmine. Refreshes and revitalizes the epidermis, keeping it hydrated and luminous for a long time. Suitable for all skin types.
A pure and delicate rose water, immersed in a base of Aloe and vegetable glycerin. Only 3 natural ingredients to soothe, soften and soothe skin that is deeply hydrated.
A moisturizing and refreshing tonic based on floral waters and plant extracts that refine the pores and give comfort to the skin. Jasmine nourishes and softens, enveloping in antioxidant protection. Aloe deeply hydrates and calms. Sandalwood improves the texture of the complexion making it more toned. Perfect for dehydrated, dull, tired and sensitive skin.
A very delicate, moisturizing, refreshing, revitalizing and soothing tonic based on Buddleja and Artemisia. It supports the skin in regaining its ideal Ph. Contains encapsulated Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, encapsulated Vitamin C, E and F, cucumber extract, rice starch. Particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin suffering from dehydration but also combination and oily, as it has a slight astringent action on shiny areas.
This precious tonic, based on rose and neroli, is inspired by the original formula of beauty water used by Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. The base is made up of mineral-rich Hungarian thermal waters mixed with rose, neroli and sage distillates for a very moisturizing and firming result. Not only tonic but also refreshing water to spray on the face during the day.
This product was created for combination, oily or mature skin. Its botanical ingredients offer hydration and radiance to the complexion. Based on Hawaiian spring water infused with neroli, mandarin and orange essential oils. Contains cane and maple sugar to stimulate cell renewal as well as Hawaiian salt and organic silt which retain moisture and provide essential minerals for skin well-being. The bottle contains a small citrine, a hard stone with positive and solar energy.
Suitable for all skin types, this delicate but concentrated tonic is enriched with frankincense essential oil, particularly effective in reducing wrinkles and slowing down skin aging. It is based on Aloe vera, calming, and tripeptide that tones and prepares the skin to receive subsequent treatments.
Based on Aloe Vera, this revitalizing tonic seals moisture into the skin with the help of the properties of the distilled water of orange blossom and other mineral-rich botanical extracts. Perfect before the serum, of which it optimizes the absorption. Refreshes and nourishes the skin, maintaining its elasticity.
An active tonic for cell renewal, refreshing and stimulating. Based on pure mineral water from New Zealand, it deeply hydrates even sensitive skin while soothing it. Contains strawberry leaf extract, particularly active in strengthening the skin barrier, and Black Mamaku fern rich in antioxidants.
This very delicate toner, enriched with organic lemon juice, refreshes and purifies the skin providing optimal levels of hydration. Contains extracts of Hamamelis, with an astringent action, and rosehip leaves enriched with essential oils.
An infusion of extracts of flowers, fruit and medicinal herbs immersed in a spring water particularly rich in minerals and active silver from East Sussex, England. It has moisturizing, toning, plumping and antioxidant properties.
A moisturizing and soothing water characterized by a delicate scent of Moroccan desert rose. Promotes deep hydration that lasts all day, calms redness and gives brightness to the face. It has a light toning action that minimizes the appearance of pores and gives a perfect base. Enriched with Argan Oil.
An infusion of botanical extracts that gently tones the skin ensuring complete antioxidant protection while giving elasticity. It stimulates the skin microcirculation while reducing redness and irritation.
A tonic that is a real infusion of vitamins based on Aloe Vera enriched with extracts of chamomile and witch hazel flowers, moisturizing and rebalancing. Particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin, it calms and gives relief even to oily ones.
Alcohol-free tonic based on Aloe vera and Cucumber with soothing, moisturizing, softening and slightly astringent properties to ensure optimal hydration levels for the skin.

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