Nia by Strivectin: an energy recharge for brighter skin
Nia by Strivectin: an energy recharge for brighter skin

A hectic life, between business appointments and evenings with friends. Spending the wee hours with friends over the weekend or, without having planned it, after a stressful day to celebrate a milestone.

Life rushing: we like to be on the move, we like to savor every minute because it is unique. As unique as our skin that is put to the test by intense days.

To face everyday challenges with a bright smile and to preserve the freshness and joie de vivre that our face conveys, we need ad hoc solutions.

Solutions that enhance the brightness, that give us a burst of energy and that erase all imperfections, including fine lines.


The solution comes from nia, acronym for Not Into Aging. Designed for those who love a dynamic life, it is made up of four products, real must-haves for this super hot start of summer. At the heart of the formula is the complex NIA-114 ™ which ensures immediate and long-lasting results.


FAKE AWAKE ™: triple action eye gelA real panacea for tired eyes from the small hours or, from work at the computer or from binge watching (for those who are addicted to TV series like us). Easy to use, it reduces dark circles and bags with a simple gesture thanks to illuminating powders and lifting agents enriched with the NIA-114 ™ complex. The formula is enhanced by hyaluronic acid which moisturizes and makes the skin even smoother by reducing fine lines. How to use it: massage the gel along the entire eye contour using the ceramic applicator. Let the excess gel absorb with the help of your ring finger.


TECH NECK ™: the smoother that erases the lines of the neckScroll the screen with your finger, write, scroll again… always looking down at our mobile phone from which we never part can give rise to unsightly wrinkles on the neck. To combat them, there is the smoothing smoother TECH NECK which, thanks to a mix of lipopeptides, helps to erase the horizontal lines and make the skin of the neck more compact, while the biopolymers make the skin smoother, improving its appearance. The other ingredients of this super booster also include seaweed extract which helps the natural production of collagen. How to use it: apply the product on the neck with a bottom-up movement.


GLOW ON DEMAND ™: the energizing highlighterBright face lens at your fingertips with this highlighter that captures light to reflect it. A blend of caffeine and ginger awakens the skin while NIA-114 ™ hydrates, soothes and smooths the skin. How to use it: Apply generously throughout the day when the skin needs a refill. You can use it alone, over and under your make up. Ideal for all skin tones.


FULLY CHARGED ™: serum and moisturizerA super dose of hydration for visibly healthier skin: this serum and moisturizer at the same time is rich in nutrients while the formula is made even more powerful by NIA-114 ™, hyaluronic acid, wild indigo extract, which improves brightness, and dragon extract which reduces the first visible signs of aging. A simple gesture is enough to make the skin more compact, smooth and luminous. Why do we like it? In addition to being effective, it has a light formula like a veil. Two minutes of pampering before make-up and that's it! How to use it: just a few drops to apply on the face morning and evening after cleansing and before make-up.

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