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Matte eyeshadows: which ones to choose and how to use them
Matte eyeshadows: which ones to choose and how to use them

How to make the most of matte eyeshadows? Here are the tips to use them at their best and which brands to focus on

How and when to use them

The matte eyeshadows they are essential for any type of makeup. Even if you want to focus on a shimmer or metallic look, a pair of matte eyeshadows will help you complete the make up. How to exploit them to have a pro result?

They are perfect if you want to make a corrective eye makeup, with the chiaroscuro technique. In addition, a light, cream or beige matte eyeshadow depending on your complexion is the best choice to brighten the skin.eyebrow arch in a sophisticated way.

The finish matte, then, it is fundamental for the transitions. Choose medium shades and neutral and they will help you blend the colors together, avoiding too sharp detachments. Use the darker ones to give more depth and intensify the makeup in the outer corner.

How to choose the best

The characteristic to look for in matte eyeshadows is the blendability. They can be extremely pigmented or color more in transparency to help with layering and color transitions, but be careful not to choose them too dusty.

We have selected the top brands for you, browse the gallery to discover them.

The best matte eyeshadows

mac cosmetics
They are available in many shades, the non-dusty texture allows you to stratify the product by controlling its intensity.
kat von d
A palette with all the opaque shades to create corrective and chiaroscuro eye makeup.
make up for ever
To be chosen in the matte finish for a very high pigmentation and zero dustiness.
urban decay
A selection of neutral shades, from the lightest to the darkest, to create the most essential make-up.
Too Faced
Taupe shades to create matte makeup in cold shades.
MELT cosmetics
The American brand famous for its high intensity eyeshadows in the deepest shades.
The customizable eyeshadow system with maximum pigmentation and high adherence to the eyelid.
Professional eyeshadows that offer pigmentation and blendability even in the most "difficult" dark shades.
The matte colors of the brand have an unparalleled blendability and possibility of layering. To be chosen in warm colors and transitional shades.
Silky matte eyeshadows in neutral shades, formulated with Amazonian clay with sebum-absorbing properties.
louise young
Five shades of matte eyeshadow that can be mixed together to create any type of makeup (even for the eyebrows). Great for travel.
The matte finish in the new "bouncy" texture gives a silky and resistant result all day long without primer.

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