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Tunis Fashion Week: discovering Tunisian culture
Tunis Fashion Week: discovering Tunisian culture

Tradition, culture and future: we tell you about the Tunisian event dedicated to fashion and costume

Tunisia has a very close relationship with the textile tradition, ancient costumes are worn during specific ceremonies such as weddings, for example, and play a central role in the history of the country.

There Tunis Fashion Week it is therefore not an anomalous event, on the contrary an excellent opportunity to tell the path of the designers and show the novelties in terms of fabrics and processes typical of the place.


When we talk about typicality, for example, we refer to places like the Souk, the old part of the city, where narrower and narrower streets full of shops and stalls follow one another, among the favorite destinations for tourists. Yet, despite the homogeneity of certain products, it is still possible to find artisan boutiques where those handcrafted garments which the fashion itself is inspired by are sold.

The Balgha, the so-called slippers, embroidered, woven or in simple leather, are one of the many examples of a history of costume that has deep roots.


Tradition meets the contemporary


In the unique setting of the ancient Roman amphitheater of Carthage we attended four days of shows, meetings and presentations, discovering the strong creative drive of local designers. Attention to fabrics and their processing is part of Tunisia's creative heritage and it is easy to recognize it in most of the collections, despite the diversified inputs and inspirations.


The theme chosen for the season is The NewNorm, the push is towards the contemporary, a careful look at what is happening around the country, and, in the best cases, a balance between roots and creative flair. As in the case of Achraf Baccouch, one of the most acclaimed designers by the public, who for the new season is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and its grotesque characters, bringing real works of art to the catwalk.

The fashion of the Academic jeune créateur Sidi Bou Said

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Among the most interesting visits during our stay in Tunis, there is certainly the Academic jeune créateur Sidi Bou Said, a magical place where a class of 40 students is followed, step by step, by qualified teachers and where you learn how to design. a dress, sew it and make it.

Between a Bougainvillea and a sky-blue spiral staircase - the neighborhood is Sidi Bou Said, where by law the citizens keep the typical colors of the place, that is white and light blue - the owners show us each room telling us about the passion and commitment in carrying out this project.

Elite Model Look: a challenge


The last evening is partially dedicated to the competition of Elite Model Management, Elite Model Look. The goal is to find two faces, one female and one male, to represent Tunisia. A scouting that Elite periodically does in various countries to expand the offer of talent.

The winners will work for two years under contract with the agency - Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and among the newest Kendall Jenner they are all Elite models - definitely an excellent opportunity that will allow them to take the first steps towards a career as a professional model.

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The winning girl is called Syrine, comes from a traditional family of Tunis and has always been supported by her mother: "She has always wanted to parade since she was a child", she tells us excitedly.

Tunis is the city where past and present coexist trying to find a healthy balance in everyday life, tradition does not want to slow down progress and progress does not want to cancel tradition. And the commitment of the city and its people are proof of this.

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