Michelle Hunziker: My love is addictive
Michelle Hunziker: My love is addictive

Michelle Hunziker brings Grace to her private universe. Where there is a smile for everyone, even for those who continue to attribute to her a pregnancy that is not there.

Appearance Michelle Hunziker in a freezing room. I squeeze the scarf, incongruous in May, I rub my hands, I dream of a coffee. Ten minutes and she arrives. He greets, looks at me and decrees: "You are cold, let's go away." I almost expect her to take me by the hand, as is done with children. So it's all clear: Michelle is always pregnant in the fantasies of most, simply because she is a mother-woman. Even beyond appearances: perfect physique, sensuality, television roles played on irony. With that way of throwing your head back and laughing saying "Alooora!" If you ask her an unexpected question. This is Michelle, 40, TV star and testimonial (she is the global ambassador of the Morellato jewelry brand). Three daughters and dozens of presumed pregnancies. A woman with melancholy eyes and laughter in her pocket, drawn here and there throughout the interview. To give himself time. In order not to put on airs. Not to finish a tiring sentence. Maybe. I tell her that she is the right person to meet in view of Mother's Day on May 14 and she, in fact, laughs: "But I'm not pregnant, eh."

Does it bother you to be told and written that it is?"But no. It makes me tenderness. After all, it is a good wish. I associate pregnancy with a period of absolute bliss. Yes, there are nausea, fatigue, anxieties. But a life is growing inside you. And together a new sensitivity is born, a particular grace. Is magnificent. Every now and then Auri (Aurora, 20 years old, daughter of Michelle and singer Eros Ramazzotti, ed) asks me: “But don't you mind that they tarot the photos and add your belly to be able to make a fake title?”. Well, no: it makes me laugh. I'm used to it, I've been pregnant for 16 years ».


It remains to be seen why her."Because I'm not a sex symbol, I'm a bit of an ordinary one, a member of the family. And maybe because I started being a mother when I went to kindergarten ".

Early talent. Explain to me."During bedtime I went to the nursery and tried to pamper the babies with my songs. They woke up screaming and the adults got angry. I didn't understand why: I was convinced that the children needed my care. I don't know what syndrome mine is ».

Let's call it: compulsive care. "I am affected by it, with everyone: children, dogs, husbands."

Do husbands appreciate?«Tomaso (Trussardi, 34, married to Michelle since 2014 and father of Sole, 3, and Celeste, 2, ed) says it's a big problem. Because I'm addicting. He claims that when I'm not around, the girls whine, the dogs don't eat, everyone wants their mothers."

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It's natural, isn't it?"I do not know. It certainly creates some problems, like that I can never find the right nanny. I wish she were a kind of Mary Poppins: intelligent, stimulating, sporty, able to sing, to make girls laugh, to make little girls happy. But also very clean, if possible pretty, cheerful, discreet, very tidy… ».

Excuse me if I interrupt you, but does it really seem strange to you not to find such a person?"You say I'm getting bigger? Maybe the right person is reading us and will come."

Isn't it that these expectations hide in a thread of anxiety?"Look, I know what anxiety is. Sometimes I feel it to the point of feeling it like a burden on my heart. But I always choose not to sink into it: it is a positive attitude that I learned from my father. It was he who explained to me that this is life and that you have to decide whether to take it with joy, from the right direction. That said, a mom begins to worry when her baby is in the crib and it never ends. I see him with my grown daughter. I wake up in the morning and my first thought is: "Aurora!". I go to bed in the evening and I say to myself: "Aurora?". I know that she is fine, that she is in love and happy. But in short, you know how it is, right?"

I know how.«The secret is to transform worry into occupation. If you do something good, your anxiety passes away ".


Aurora no longer lives with her. Do you hear often?“We send dozens of messages. If I can, I don't call her because it's a bit unlucky to have mum on her. She calls me, tells me, asks me for advice ».

Joys of motherhood.“Today I celebrate three days, or rather three nights, of uninterrupted sleep. It hadn't happened to me for three years! '

Long last. But three years is a long time.«And in fact sometimes I am destroyed. If I lie down, I fall asleep suddenly, in any situation. Even if they're waxing me. '

Have you ever asked someone to change?“Oh no, that's mum stuff. If the girls call, I get up, go to their bed, cuddle them, console them. It seems right to me that they have time to adjust to life. They were in the mother's womb, quiet. Of course they need me now that I'm in the world. '

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But can she be home every night?"All time. Since Aurora was born, I have only chosen contracts that allow me to never give up. And so I do with the little ones. I work a lot in Germany and I happen to get up at 4 in the morning to catch a plane. I go, work and catch an evening flight back. If I can't, because it's late, I give myself the gift of chartering a private plane. A true luxury. Because I have to go home. Even just for two hours, but I have to ».

Do you do it for her or for the girls?“Especially for me. They get away with it: they have games, girlfriends, baby food and sleep. It is I who need them. It is at home that I really recharge ».

So, excuse me, why did you decide to give birth to Sole practically live in Striscia la Notizia and to return to the air when she was only five days old?“It was a choice that made us discuss. And I must say that I didn't mind at all. Motherhood is a very important topic, not just for women. I made it clear that I was not, and am not, a role model. I have a particular, privileged profession. I am convinced that compulsory leave before and after pregnancy is a right. I made my choice as a freelancer, in a very protective environment, where I only had to stay in the studio for a few hours a day ».

There are women who choose not to work at all and to only be a mother, what do you think?“That they do something noble and that they deserve to have a gentleman next to them who treats them like queens. A man who recognizes the value of their choice and who, if possible, rewards it ».


Salary for housewives?"All women have the right to economic independence, even if they decide to stay at home and raise their children. But to depend on a man's generosity is terrible. I always say: every time you start a serious relationship, you have to make clear agreements. Listen to me".

What agreements have you and Tomaso made?«We were already grown up. Him with his company, me with my career. But it was immediately clear that we would do it halfway: on everything, always. Then if he wants to give me a trip, I'm happy. And then, if I want, I'll exchange it ».

Do you have any other compulsion besides looking after the world?“I am an absolute forgetful, but selective. I don't forget a script, but I never know where I put my cell phone, the keys. Today, after hours of research, I found the phone in the girls' toy drawer. But, if you want to know what my real obsession is, you have to hear Aurora ».

What would you tell me?“That I consider my home a temple. It must be sterile, clean, fragrant. Whoever enters must take off their shoes ».

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Anyone?"Even the Emir of Qatar. When Auri was little we had a Persian rug and I wanted the fringe to always be lined, combed. When she got angry, she silently went to mess it all up and drove me crazy. Poor little girl, what patience she had to have”.

You grew up together."Yup. She has always been very good. Even when I forced her to travel exhausting. She sat quietly in the seat, singing and chatting. She was a special child. It was my strength, at an age when everything for me was still to be done. We did it together ».

Even now it looks very sunny."It is. She is nice, funny, makes jokes in bursts. But he also took his father's depth. She is one who needs to run away from time to time. Maybe it does it without even moving: you look at it and understand that it has gone elsewhere. Then she has moments where she really wants to be alone. She is a girl who wonders a lot about things ».

You too, I think.“Yes, but no one will ever see me sad or angry. If I have pain, I lock myself up in the house and dispose of it. When I go out I'm presentable again. I don't like to burden others with my sorrows ».


Do others do it with you?"Yup. Even strangers. It happens that some lady stops me on the street and says to me: "Michelle, do you have a minute?". And in that minute he tells me about a life ».

Tell me a gift your 40th birthday brought you."The surprise of arriving without warning."

Gifts received?«I'll tell you about Aurora, because it was a low blow: a short film in which she edited the images of me and her when she was little. I only have photographs from that period, Eros kept the films, because he was the one who filmed us continuously. Auri got the boxes from her father and did this crazy thing. So I saw how we were: a little girl with a little girl in her arms. I cried for two hours. '

Joy or nostalgia?"Why, is there a difference? It's all life ».

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