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Robert Pattinson: "I risked being fired from Twilight"
Robert Pattinson: "I risked being fired from Twilight"

Robert Pattinson risked being fired from Twilight while filming the first movie: here's what he said

Twilight without Robert Pattinson seems unimaginable today

What would become of the saga without her sexiest vampire? And above all, what we would talk about for five years (but even more) what if he and Kristen Stewart hadn't met on set?

The hypothesis is not so far from reality, since the actor himself said he was nearly fired while filming the first film, running the risk of not doing the saga that made him famous anymore.

Because Robert Pattinson was about to be kicked out of Twilight

The actor said during an interview with the New York Times that he was one step away from dismissal when the shooting of the first film in the saga began.

The reason? The star had some specific ideas about the the way he should have empathized with the part, with an acting method that led him to continuous clashes on the set.

To save the situation would have been his agent, who reached him and managed to calm the waters and convincing him not to leave.

"I was so determined to get serious, I didn't want to compromise. I don't think I actually did,”he explains.

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The turning point in his career

For Pattinson it was not easy to break away from the role of the handsome vampire from Twilight, but that doesn't mean he renounces the choice to play the character that made him famous.

"It was great luck to have been able to work with that group of people, but after five films you have to be able to accept the responsibility that comes with it. playing the same character for so long».

It is in Cosmopolis, by David Cronenberg, that the actor he had to confront Edward Cullen's ghost, the vampire from Twilight.

“It was the first time I was working on something particularly complex. I especially loved the fact that it came out at the very peak of my popularity. It was like a turning point: I realized that was what I wanted to do ».

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The triumph in Cannes

Robert Pattinson has just returned from triumph in Cannes with "Good Time", criminal drama directed by the Safdie brothers, for which it is already planned an Oscar nomination.

In the film the actor plays Connie, a boy who lives with his grandmother and a brother with a learning disability. The two brothers they will land a robbery, which will not end in the best way.

A role, the one shown on the croisette, for which Pattinson had to get ugly, physically (but not too much) and above all morally.

"It was almost a school of crime, we shot on the street, improvising very often, with the people around, you had to know how to move quickly with the camera that was on you, everything was based on the surprise of what you were doing and around I had real criminals », he said.

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The next movies

While waiting for the film to be released in Italy, soon we will be able to admire Pattinson in "Lost City of Z", film directed by James Gray and produced by Brad Pitt who sees it alongside Charlie Hunnam and Sienna Miller and that tells the story, based on real events, by explorer Percy Fawcett, who disappeared in the 1920s during his adventurous journey in search of a mysterious and ancient city in the heart of the Amazonian jungles.

It was recently announced that Robert soon "The Souvenir" will start shooting, film produced by Martin Scorsese which speaks of a young film student struggling with her first true love story, which she lives like in a film, but whose reality is quite different.

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Marriage with Fka Twigs

At Cannes Robert Pattinson showed up with Fka Twigs, with whom he officially became engaged in 2015.

Since then rumors have emerged several times that in alternating phases they wanted them irremediably in crisis or on the verge of a wedding.

Their appearance on the croisette did not calm the gossip, especially due to the unhappy expression of the singer (although it is difficult to find a public photo in which she has a different one).

Very little is known about their union

Got burned after the relationship lived in the light of the sun with Kristen Stewart, Pattinson seems to want to keep his private life much more secret and is not excluded that even weddings become public only when things are done.

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