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Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman: what to know about her
Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman: what to know about her

Gal Gadot is a Wonder Woman even outside the screen: from model to actress, through the army, we tell you why she is so incredible

Wonder Woman by American director Patty Jenkins ("Monster", "The Killing") has finally arrived in theaters and to play the role of Diana Princess of the Amazons, famous all over the world with the battle name Wonder Woman, we find the beautiful Gal Gadot.

Born in 1985, Gal Gadot began her career as a model to then enlist in the Israeli army and finally arrive at the cinema with the saga of "Fast and Furious" in which she plays the icy and very strong Gisele Harabo.

"Wonder Woman" is her first title as a protagonist and we can guarantee you to be truly unmissable: Gal Gadot gives face, grace and power to one of the most iconic female figures in pop culture and you will fall in love with it.

We present it to you in all its most incredible facets.

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Who is Gal Gadot? Miss Israel and a soldier

Gal Gadot was born 32 years ago in Israel

Dad engineer, mom teach and a younger sister, her family is a family that has roots in the Jewish tradition (her grandparents are Holocaust survivors).

Its name, in fact, means Wave in Hebrew

At 19 (in 2004), Gal Gadot participates in the national competition to become Miss Israel and win it.

That same year he then went to represent the country in Ecuador to win the title of Miss Universe, but fails to enter the winning ranking.

Back home, he enlisted in the Israeli army with the Defense Forces.

Fighting and posing as a model become her main activities: this until 2007, when his ambitions move towards Hollywood.

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From audition for 007 to Fast & Furious

Great sporty - rumored to be able to play tennis, basketball and volleyball - e third dan black belt of Karate Shotokan, thanks also to his experience as a soldier, in 2007 he is not afraid a audition for the role of Camille Montes in "Quantum of Solace" (Marc Forster, 2008).

The part, as history teaches us, was then assigned to Olga Kurylenko, but it is during that selection that Gal Gadot was noticed and was offered to participate in the casting for the fourth installment of the famous action saga "Fast and Furious".

Easily obtained the part of Gisele Harabo thanks to his military resume, Gal Gadot stars in episodes 4, 5 and 6 which become his springboard for his Hollywood career.

For "Fast and Furious" the Gadot he never asked for doubles neither for the action scenes nor for those of motorcycle racing.

Although Wikipedia claims that it is an avid two acrobatic wheels, in more than one interview, the actress was keen to emphasize which is not true, especially today that she is a mother.

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Gal Gadot's private life

Gal Gadot hasn't always wanted to be an actress, quite the contrary

His dream was to become a lawyer

Today we really believe that having abandoned this first aspiration does not displease her so much.

In addition to that on the set, the actress has an intense and happy family life: married to entrepreneur Yaron Versano (pictured below), met ten years ago at a party in the desert through mutual friends and married shortly thereafter, the two they own a five-star hotel in Tel Aviv called The Versano.

Gal and her husband also are parents of two beautiful girls: Alma, born in 2011, and Maya, who came into the world in March of this year, just before the start of the promotion of the film.

His family is his pride and Gal does not hide it on social media, like Instagram, where she posts countless photos on and off set.

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Its Wonder Woman

That she has had to train a lot since increase his muscle mass by almost 8 kg, it's known story from set.

Let her Wonder Woman be a concentrate of muscles, sensuality and grace you can find out by going to see the excellent film by Patty Jenkins.

In recent months there have been several conjectures appeared on his interpretation: by those who argued that it could never match the former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and Cathy Lee Crosby, to those who branded as it was the first not American in this role.

Now that the film has been released on one thing, everyone agrees: Gal Gadot was a more than apt choice for the role of the protagonist.

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Future projects

As Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot will be busy for two more films directed by Zack Snyder: «Justice League», out in November 2017, and «Justice League - Part Two» (2019).

In both episodes, the actress will be flanked by Henry Cavill (Superman) and Ben Affleck (Batman).

At the moment he has no other titles in the works, but we are sure that after the release of his "Wonder Woman" the proposals will not be long in coming.

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