QVC supports startups with the QVC Next project
QVC supports startups with the QVC Next project

Startups showcase themselves on QVC. The multichannel retailer launches the program QVC Next in support of young Made In Italy companies.

Born with the aim of discovering and introducing new companies that are taking their first steps in the retail world, the project is a springboard for emerging brands that, once they have entered the radar of QVC, have the opportunity to tell an already established audience, to present their products and to transform their embryonic idea into something big, tangible and sustainable.

Thanks to the mix of sales and entertainment - the strength of QVC in Italy and in the world - newly born companies have the opportunity to tell the story of their products directly to the public.

How does it work QVC Next? Everything starts with the selection. QVC collects applications, identifies the most promising projects and promotes them through the e-commerce site and the television channel, guaranteeing visibility capable of reaching over 25 million Italian families. TV, site and social networks become the stage for selected companies who can count on a distribution network with widespread delivery throughout Italy and, in addition, on feedback - received in real time - relating to business results and product satisfaction. This allows new brands to know their potential and minimize the risk.The most successful projects are then offered the possibility of internationalization in the markets where the platform is present: United States, England, Germany, Japan, France and China.

In one year of activity, QVC Next launched 17 startups across its platforms. In the fashion field, to go on the air and on the virtual windows of QVC, among others the clothing of Alcoolique and of Four tomorrow, the shoes of Clara by Santaclara Milan, the bags Manurina And Frhnds, the jewels of Jewelpix And Reeve. And then even more recently the channel welcomed the 3D printed bijoux of I put it down, the sustainable clothes of Flr by Flavialarocca and the recycled wood jewelry of Ecos.

Browse the gallery and discover the products of emerging brands to buy on, on TV or through the app on smartphones and tablets. And if you have a company to suggest or to nominate, click on


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