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Gucci Cruise 2018: the fashion show in Florence
Gucci Cruise 2018: the fashion show in Florence

Alessandro Michele brings fashion to the heart of the Renaissance, to his hometown. We tell you about the show

The first time at the Palatine Gallery

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The controversy of a few months ago, summed up by the ironic memes on the net #JeSuisGucci, saw the brand and theAcropolis of Athens, a place initially chosen by the creative team as the location for the fashion show Cruise 2018 but rejected by Greece itself.

The idea comes from the desire to celebrate historical places of Mediterranean culture, the Ancient Greek in primis. Having had to exclude this possibility, Alessandro Michele has decided to focus on Renaissance and on its capital, Florence.

So here is that the Palatine Gallery hosts for the first time in history a show of this type, bringing the public to the center of Renaissance art and culture.

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In addition to the 500 works on display, already a remarkable vision in itself, Gucci has customized all the sessions in the room by reporting the "Song of Bacchus", a poem by Lorenzo de Medici.

Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that the brand has invested 2 million euros for the restoration of the Boboli Gardens, precisely those located outside the Palatine Gallery.

Renaissance VS punk soul

Gucci Cruise 2018 – Runway

The fil rouge of the brand is something now widely recognized. We are certainly not talking about a surprise effect, but rather about an original sense of reassurance.

In the vastness of its eccentricity Gucci keeps his audience tied to him, sharing a dreamlike imagery and source of culture. Helping, where possible, to increase a certain curiosity that goes far beyond the collections and that expands to other worlds, such as the literary and artistic one.

Gucci Cruise 2018 – Runway

It is precisely this dual soul, deeply linked to a culture of past and obsessed with the communication of the here I'm, to periodically transform into clothes and accessories. The references are many, from the long theatrical dress to the logoed t-shirt worn with a pair of high-waisted jeans. There is the sixteenth century, there are the eighties and there are our ten years.

It is a time travel.

Guccify yourself: the power of the internet


From slang jargon, guccify means to render a brilliant look, add something valuable. The pearl embroideries elaborated on the chest of the models and combined with dresses with Renaissance silhouettes, blend with pop sweaters with contrasting printed statements. There is a riot of references, an explosion of visions.


An added value: the casting

gucci 3

After the latest controversies related to the Casting Directors and a particularly narrow concept of beauty (you will remember the Balenciaga case last season and most recent Louis Vuitton) attention to casting is once again high and fundamental for the success of the fashion show. In a landscape where a 'purely Caucasian aesthetics, Gucci's interest in exploring different cultures in the round can only be noticed (and appreciated).

The mix of fabrics, inspirations and silhouettes is combined with an ethnic mix, often risky and therefore of strong visual impact. Done, the latter, which helps to make Alessandro Michele one of the most interesting visionaries of our time.

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