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Amal Clooney is about to give birth: everything is ready for George's twins
Amal Clooney is about to give birth: everything is ready for George's twins

Amal Alamuddin is about to give birth: here's everything we know about the sex, names and date of birth of George Clooney's twins

The twins of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are about to be born: now very little is missing from the end of the pregnancy, so much so that the actor has begun to give up public commitments to be next to her in London, where they both moved.

In its place, send a recorded video message:

“I really wanted to be there with you, but if I came and my wife gave birth while I was not there I would never be able to go home,”he explained at the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity ceremony in Armenia which was held last weekend for example.

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At what point is Amal Alamuddin's pregnancy

The news of a possible pregnancy of the lawyer started circulating last January, but it is became official only in early February when People magazine reported an unnamed friend of the couple's confession that the two were expecting twins.

The birth is expected in early June, but precisely because there are two babies it is likely that Amal will not reach the term, as often happens in these cases.

So George Clooney could be a dad at any moment

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The sex of twins

At the moment nothing is official, but Cindy Crawford, one of George Clooney's closest friends, posted a photo of her showing on Instagram two baby rompers, one pink and one blue, prepared for the Hollywood star's children, thus suggesting that he and Amal are waiting a boy and a girl.

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No nanny for Amal

According to E! News, Amal and George also decided not to hire a full-time nanny to look after the twins, but only one nurse for the night.

Ms. Clooney, however, will not be alone because her mother, Baria Alamuddin, is ready to help her.

Meanwhile, the expectant mother already has refurbished the house in England to welcome children.

According to insiders, she would have turned to an interior designer, Ilse Crawford, for furnish the room for children, and the furniture chosen would also come from a Parisian boutique called Baudou.

What are the Clooney twins called?

Inevitable the thought of what could be the names that the couple will choose for the two babies, although the trend in Hollywood is to keep them hidden for a while even after birth (as Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively or Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes did).

“My wife forbade me to call them Casa and Amigos. It's the only limit ", Clooney joked a few months ago, referring to the name of the tequila brand which the actor bought with Cindy Crawford's husband.

The surprise birthday

And just with Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford Clooney celebrated his 56th birthday on May 6th.

To organize everything was the same Amal who brought the couple of friends to London, where the two have holed up waiting for the birth, and tidy a cake featuring George and Rande right behind the counter of a Casamigos tequila bar.

The voices of crisis

Amal and George now seem more united than ever, yet until December there were even those who spoke of divorce precisely because of the children, which she wanted and he didn't.

At the end of last year UsWeekly reported that the two were on the verge of sign the separation papers, with an economic agreement that was around 300 million dollars.

Other magazines reported on how the couple felt trying to expand the family for a few months, using the assisted fertilization and that for this they had disappeared from circulation.

Perhaps the most truthful version, given how things went then.

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