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Francesco Totti leaves: that's why you were moved even if you don't follow football
Francesco Totti leaves: that's why you were moved even if you don't follow football

Fans or not, it doesn't matter: anyone who saw Francesco Totti saying goodbye to Roma was moved - we explain why it happened to you too

Francesco Totti, after over 25 years of love with Roma, he left the field and moved all of Italy - even those who have no interest in Roma or football in general.

The captain, in fact, managed to convey his thoughts, thanks to the letter written with the wife Ilary, And showed his emotions, with the walk it drives away tension and the eyes moved by passion.

Hugging his wife and children Cristian, Isabel and Chanel showed the world that expressing emotions is good for the heart and he also managed to connect with those who don't have much to say about football.

We explain why Totti gave a great life lesson to everyone last night - and why when you saw those images you found yourself with shining eyes.


He had courage

Francesco Totti showed all his courage exposing himself to the world.

No filters or masks for him, which shows his frailties and says Allow me to feel fear, this time it is I who need you and your warmth.

With these words, he taught us that express what we feel it is always the right thing to do and that seeking help from the other allows us to put down the super hero cape that does not belong to us.


He proved to be a man even before being a footballer

We had already understood this thanks to his characteristic self-irony. Last night, however, there was something more.

National Francescone he wanted his family alongside, he hugged his wife and kissed his children at different moments in his speech, just when words were struggling to come out.

He showed us the place where everyone should have a chance to take refuge in difficult times.

Only there can you find the strength for look beyond fear.


He expressed gratitude

Gratitude allows you to focus on what you have and not about what you can't have.

Francesco bowed in front of the Curva Sud, thanked everyone who worked with him and explained to us how privileged he feels to be born in his Rome.

The captain showed us that to be great men you need to look around and be aware.


He introduced us to the passion

We are not talking (only) of a passion for football.

Totti showed us what it means to have a dream, cultivate it day by day and then be forced, by something beyond the control of anyone, to take a step forward to enter another dimension.

The Roman king showed us that the wounds that a dream leaves must always be shown with great pride.

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