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Skin Beauty Device: the best high-tech devices for the skin
Skin Beauty Device: the best high-tech devices for the skin

Skin care keeps up with the times and comes in a high-tech version with the best beauty devices for the care of the skin of the face, eye contour and neck

There skin care become smart with Skin Beauty Device, high-tech devices that allow you to thoroughly cleanse the epidermis, stimulate the facial muscles, stimulate the production of collagen and effectively drain swelling under the eyes to obtain extraordinary benefits in terms of youth and beauty of the skin.

Their secret? The enhanced effectiveness that allows you to obtain results that are far more noticeable than a massage or manual cleansing.

They are inspired by medical tools that use the same technologies, making them available to all women in the version for home use, to transform their skin care regimen and obtain maximum results, also enhancing the effectiveness of the creams and treatments applied.

Sonic, ionic, microcurrent or red LED technology: high tech is at the service of beauty.

Find out the best skin beauty devices to take care of the skin of the face, eye area and neck.

The best beauty devices for skin care

uses the microcurrent to tone the facial muscles, firming the skin of the face and redefining its contours. The results? Similar to those of a facelift, but with a use of only 5 minutes a day and without pain.
is the new facial cleansing device that combines sonic technology with 300 micro oscillations per second with the practicality of the waterproof compact size, to be used comfortably in the shower and to always take with you on the road or in the gym.
represents the evolution of the most famous cleaning device into a perfect applicator for face makeup. From skin care to make-up, the new sonic foundation brush allows you to take advantage of Clarisonic's sonic micro oscillations to obtain an impeccable application of the foundation, saving time and quantity of product, by inserting the brush directly on the cleaning device. Exclusively on the website from November 2017.
uses Thermo Optical Synergy technology that uses the combination of two energies to stimulate cellular activity and the natural production of collagen and elastin, essential anti-aging proteins to preserve the skin's youth.
combines cleansing and massage, thanks to the two interchangeable sonic heads to obtain a deeper cleansing and a massage to be performed with a moisturizing cream to enhance its effectiveness.
brings microdermabrasion home, thanks to the DualAction Air Lift exfoliating system that performs a stimulating vacuum massage for blood microcirculation, while gently eliminating dead cells and impurities for a smooth and radiant skin.
takes advantage of the smartphone microcurrents that reach the skin of the face through 5 pairs of electrodes and that transform the hydrogel mask into an innovative high-tech beauty experience that improves oxygenation and skin tone.
is the ultrasonic wave cleaning system - 30,000 pulses per second - which atomizes the water, creating a flow that collects dead cells and impurities on the edge of the spatula.
takes care of the delicate area of ​​the neck, among the first to show signs of aging, using advanced ionic technology that helps to lift and firm the skin of the neck.
uses the Ion-Infusion technology to deeply convey the Hyaluronic Acid in the delicate area around the eyes. 30 minutes are enough for the patches to work and reveal a more compact and smoother eye contour.

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