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City face sun cream: anti-pollution SPF protection before make-up
City face sun cream: anti-pollution SPF protection before make-up

They protect the skin of the face from the sun and pollution, with a fundamental anti-aging action. City SPFs are sunscreens to use every day

Not just by the sea. The face sun creams should be used daily to preserve the youth of the skin, especially in city where she finds herself being threatened not only by sunrays, but also frompollution and from all the external aggressions typical of the metropolitan environment.

The city ​​sunscreens they act like shields, creating an invisible film on the face that protects it from the harmful action of UVA and UVB sun rays, free radicals and urban stress.

They guarantee excellent performance even as a make-up base, thanks to their thin textures, becoming the essential step that combines treatment and make-up.

Choose a SPF high, 30 or 50, and apply it after the usual skin care routine and before foundation to have your defensive barrier on the face every day, a fundamental step to safeguard the beauty of the skin.

Discover the best face sun creams in the city in the gallery.

SPF from the city: anti-aging and anti-pollution sun protection

is the multiprotective treatment to be applied daily to defend the skin from the harmful action of sunlight, free radicals and city pollution, adapting to the intensity of exposure and environmental aggressions.
to be applied after usual skin care and before make-up, to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays and environmental agents.
presents a very light fluid formula that protects the face from the sun's rays, while hydrating and soothing the skin.
it has a very light and invisible texture, ideal for use under makeup, while protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays and from urban pollution, providing long-lasting hydration.
it is positioned halfway between skin care and make-up, representing the last step in skincare and the first in make-up, with a product that combines sunscreen and primer to create the perfect make-up base.
forms an invisible shield to protect the skin from toxins, thanks to the triple anti-pollution action (anti-adhesion, anti-absorption and anti-oxidant) and UVA and UVB sun filters.
combines an anti-oxidant complex that counteracts damage induced by free radicals and a powerful broad spectrum sun filter.
it also protects sensitive skin from the harmful action of pollution and from the sun's rays, with a delicate formula based on 100% mineral UVA / UVB filters with a soft nude tone.
contains encapsulated micro-pigments that gently even out the complexion, creating the perfect make-up base, while protecting the skin from the sun's rays.
Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Daily Screen Multi-Protection SPF 50, with an extra fine transparent texture, it helps fight the damage caused daily by the sun, free radicals and pollution.

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