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Where to eat outdoors in Milan
Where to eat outdoors in Milan

Eating outdoors in Milan is beautiful and the city offers gardens, terraces, dehors and hidden courtyards to do so: here are our favorite bars, clubs and restaurants

Summer: desire for vacation, the sea, and eating outdoors

If you have to wait a little longer to meet the first two, in Milan you will have no trouble finding restaurants and places to dine or sip a drink in the splendid summer dehors.

Here are ten places where the excellent quality of food or cocktails you can also add the pleasure to spend an evening outdoors.

Kitchen Society

Kitchen Society (Procaccini area)

A stone's throw from via Procaccini and from the Jerusalem metro station, in the via private Gerolamo Chizzolini at number 2, there is this wonderful restaurant equipped with an intimate dehor, whose workhorse is what it is defined "Italian sushi".

Forget sushi as you have known it so far, the creations of Chef Alex are one of a kind, and range from uramaki with scallops, tuna, cream and chopped pistachio from Bronte, avocado, teriyaki sauce and special sesame seeds "Dragon Kitchen Society", with roasted shrimp, avocado, cooked vegetables, white truffle cream, teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.

Nothing on the Kitchen Society menu leaves you unsatisfied, come on tartare sashimi, passing through the mini fish burgers and arriving at the exquisite desserts.

And tasting these delicacies in the external part of the restaurant manages for a moment to make you forget that you are in Milan.


Shambala (Ripamonti area)

Here is the good news that the Milanese gourmets were waiting for: the Shambala, the fascinating and historic Asian inn with large trees at number 337 in via Ripamonti is back to its old glory, and in the new menu of the chef Chandana Udesh you will find many fusion, Thai and Vietnamese dishes to be savored throughout the summer in the enchanting fairytale garden, lulled by background music and an atmosphere of complete relaxation.

Among the proposals, we point out the spectacular Khao phad sap lot (fried rice with pineapple and tempura prawns) and the incredible poke, a salad of diced raw fish (tuna, salmon and swordfish) with white onion, avocado, coriander and sesame, slightly spicy.

The unprecedented opening for lunch allows you to enjoy the garden even during the day, with a particular formula of unique dishes, while on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 16 you can work off the weekly fatigue by indulging in a rich brunch.

One recommendation: book in advance!


Al Garghet (Ripamonti area)

Not far from Shambala, in via Selvanesco 36, there is this restaurant whose name in ancient Milanese dialect means "the croaking of frogs", precisely because it is located in an uncontaminated corner of what was once called "Gratum Solium", a kingdom of meadows and the aforementioned frogs, inhabited for the first time in the thirteenth century by some monks.

The place has retained all the magic and charm of those times, thanks to its three wonderful outdoor spaces (the Sassi, the Pergola and the Park), immersed in a splendid e large garden, which in the summer becomes the perfect location for romantic dinners away from the chaos and the typical Milan frenzy.

The menu is mainly Lombard and land based: the choice to use only natural products, often coming from the restaurant's garden, contributes to creating one of the tastiest food lists in the city, where the huge - and inimitable - has always stood out elephant ear cutlet.


La Cucina de 'MiBabbo (Porta Romana area)

Fall in love with this restaurant in Corso Lodi 19, on the corner with via Lazzaro Papi, it is inevitable: in a few Milanese clubs you will breathe such a homely, sincere and genuine air; you will taste plates of meat like fillets, cut and Florentine that will literally leave you speechless and you will find a value for money-happiness in perfect - and rare - balance.

Here and there Toscan kitchen to be the master: the proposals range from platters of cold cuts, cheeses or Tuscan bruschetta, macaroni with duck sauce, ravioli stuffed with pecorino di Pienza, up to the aforementioned meat-based warhorses.

The outdoor area in front is intimate and cozy, strategically positioned under the leafy trees that line via Lazzaro Papi: do not give up if you are in the company of vegetarians, because they too will be satisfied with appetizers, soups and first courses that they will hardly forget.

For the record, the homemade focaccia that will accompany you would deserve a Nobel Prize for gastronomy: seeing is believing!


Sky Terrace Hotel Milano Scala (Duomo / Brera area)

Would you like to treat yourself to an aperitif on one of the most beautiful rooftops in the city?

Soon said: theMilano Scala hotel, in via dell’Orso 7, has recently restyled his Sky Terrace located on the top floor, enriching it with a wide variety of plants that make it a real one greenhouse with panoramic views of the Brera district, on the Castello Sforzesco, on the spiers of the Cathedral and on the skyline of Porta Nuova and Porta Garibaldi.

Before dinner it is possible to taste finger food proposals such as tigella with basil cream and pistachio mortadella or mini bagels with salmon, songino and yogurt sauce, accompanied by a selection of new cocktails, prepared with aromatic herbs grown in the garden near the aperitif area.

The terrace is open from 6pm to 11pm from Monday to Saturday, and after having been there for the first time, it will undoubtedly become your never-again-without of the summer!

Sushi B_1

Sushi B (Brera area)

The largest vertical garden in Milan is located in via Fiori Chiari 1, right in the heart of Brera, and offers a gourmet sushi which will be difficult to forget, linked to traditional Japanese cuisine, but in a creative version, thanks to the professionalism of the executive chef Nobuya Niimori.

The drink list is curated by the barman Alessandro Avilla (to try the Chaosmopolitan: Gin Tanueray with lemon, Combier, lemon, pomegranate and lemongrass smoke), while the dessert list is entrusted to the pastry chef Bruno Manganaro, and here too there is no shortage of tasty Italian-Japanese mixes, such as Sakura tea ice cream and biscuit crumble.

Let it be a lunch with a menu "Break lunch", an aperitif or a dinner, you can enjoy a very glamorous break in the middle of the Milanese nightlife, in a unique outdoor area in the city.

Terrazza Triennale

Osteria Con Vista (Cadorna area)

The panoramic terrace of the Milan Triennale, in viale Emilio Alemagna 6, is a magical place surrounded by greenery and suspended over the Sempione Park, with a amazing view of the Castello Sforzesco and the entire skyline of the constantly evolving city.

Chef Stefano Cerveni leads the team of Dell professionals’Osteria Con Vista, which offers its great classics and traditional Italian dishes revisited in a modern key, adhering to the concept that has always distinguished its cuisine: raw materials that establish the strong link with the territory and Italy.

Whether it's a lunch, an aperitif or a dinner, you will be enchanted by this rooftop with an international flair, and if you fail to respect the canonical meal times, do not worry: in addition to creative cocktails created by the Bar Manager Luis Hidalgo, from 15 to 18 and from 23 to 00:30 you will have the excellent ones available off the menu, so as not to be left with a dry mouth or an empty stomach!


Morgante Cocktail & Soul (Navigli / Darsena area)

This little corner of peace sheltered from the frenzy of the Navigli, in Vicolo Privato Lavandai 2, was initially born as a secret place, but - even if it is now much more popular - it remains a enchanted place to get away for a moment from the chaos of the city.

Past the historic wash house of Vicolo dei Lavandai, you will feel like you have suddenly ended up in another dimension: once you cross the threshold, a charming flowery living room and scented with jasmine, with small alcoves where you can take a break from everything and have a drink, dine, or spend the whole evening.

"Essential, tailored, well done": these are the essential characteristics of the proposed drinks, which can count on the professionalism and talent of Lorenzo Allegrini, the bartender who oversees the counter.

Once you have tried the tastings to accompany cocktails, the food list offers three different sections - veggie, meat and fish - which will not disappoint even the most demanding palates. Attention, because it is an addictive place!

Fonderie Milanesi

Milanese Foundries (Bocconi / Ticinese area)

To discover the Milanese Foundries in via Giovenale 7, you need to enter a large private courtyard overlooked by several workshops, garages and parking lots: it almost seems like a journey back in time, in the Milan of a century ago, and - just when you have the impression that you have taken the wrong road - you will find yourself in front of the entrance door.

This former artistic foundry was transformed in 2013 into a fairytale-like place, the result of a restoration work that has safeguarded the spirit, rather than distorting it: a spirit made of exposed brick, of rooms one inside the other like a labyrinth and of a wonderful courtyard-garden, where to meet for the rich aperitif (from 19 to 21, with buffet), for dinner, after dinner or Sunday brunch (Saturday and Sunday, from 12.30 to 15).

For lovers of post-industrial beauty, the place is an absolute must.

Al Fresco

Al Fresco (Tortona area)

Imagine a old warehouse of an abandoned industry, at number 50 in via Savona, radically transformed with a single leitmotiv: green.

This is how Al Fresco was born, an urban paradise that is a little greenhouse, a little Italian bistro, a little artist's atelier: it is no coincidence that his sign reads "Meeting place with the kitchen", because it is precisely a place to eat, drink but also to spend some time away from everyday stress.

From the capital he recently arrived behind the stove Nicola Delfino, which brought his enthusiasm and a touch of Roman style to the menu: amatriciana, carbonara, fregola with clams and cod croquettes, candied lemon and pecorino, soups, main courses of meat or fish and "simple" side dishes, such as field chicory sautéed with garlic, oil and chilli.

You will love this place both during the day, for its brightness and its peace, and in the evening, when lights scattered among the branches make it extremely suggestive: get ready, because you will never want to leave!

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