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Paris Jackson: her short hair and her hairstyles to replicate
Paris Jackson: her short hair and her hairstyles to replicate

The daughter of the King of Pop has become a beauty icon in no time, thanks also to her short hair. Discover the most beautiful hairstyles

Paris Jackson, 19, is none other than the daughter of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Having spent an overprotected childhood and a rather turbulent adolescence, the young Paris seems to have found her way into show business, posing for Chanel, appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone and acting in some movies.

A beauty with intense blue eyes and thick eyebrows, Paris has changed a lot of hair looks over the years, going from brown to very light platinum blonde to fiery red. But he seems to have finally found hers signature look: a wonderful lob - long bob - which does not give up volume and movement.

A haircut that is contributing to her transformation into beauty icon and that Paris styled with extreme ease.

Perfect for anyone who loves short hair, but they don't want to give up curly or ai collected.

Discover the hairstyles for short hair by Paris Jackson in the photo gallery.

Hairstyles for short hair: Paris Jackson's hairstyles

After an adolescence full of transformations in terms of hair, Paris Jackson seems to have found her style and her long and voluminous bob is among the hairstyles of the moment. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
The secret of Paris's hair certainly lies in the layered cut that allows the bob to maintain volume and movement. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
Color is also a winning choice. Having abandoned platinum blonde, Paris has chosen a very light and luminous shade, suitable for her complexion. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
Who said curly hair can't be worn short? Paris chooses this hairstyle for a full volume look. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
Also in this Paris dismantles a false belief: short hair can be collected in a high chignon and why not, flowery. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
She chooses a hairstyle with clean and composed lines, using a pomade that tends to divide the hair into strands. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
The most gritty decade in terms of hairstyle relives in the hairstyle of Paris, absolutely to be copied. Credits Ph.: instagram @parisjackson
Romantic beauty look with a soft wavy effect on the hair left free on one side. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
The super short version has a deliberately disheveled look. Credits Ph.: instagram @parisjackson
And when does Paris feel like a change? Focus on extensions to be styled in two maxi braids. Credits Ph.: Getty Images

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