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Books to read: detective stories and thrillers for summer 2017
Books to read: detective stories and thrillers for summer 2017

Mysteries and thrillers to read this summer: ten books to read during these first sunny weekends

Unmissable like sunscreen and fun like the last moijto before sunset, i books to read this summer they will take you between lost loves, found daughters and wars over.

We have selected ten titles of genres most loved (and lovable) of the summer: Italian yellow, thriller who revisit Hitchcock's "Courtyard Window" or reveal to you bloodthirsty and unsuspected serial killers.


L'Arminuta, by Donatella Di Pietrantonio (Einaudi)

A little girl suddenly comes brought by her father to a house and left there.

He discovers he has another family and that what he has always considered to be his real mother is actually not.

A grotesque and hallucinatory story, rightly one of the finalists of the Campiello prize.


Domina, by Lisa Hilton (Longanesi)

Hilton's second book, in which the mildly erotic adventures by art critic Judith Rashleigh.

After opening her own gallery in Venice, Judith finds herself in to face Russian oligarchs, Serbian criminals, unscrupulous prostitutes.

The leitmotif is a Caravaggio masterpiece to be pursued and rediscovered

A perilous journey between paintings and ostentatious riches, in which the protagonist's survival instinct, a little prey and a little hunter, it will be fundamental.


Inside the water, by Paula Hawkins (Piemme Editions)

From the same author of "The girl on the train" a new atmospheric yellow.

A cursed lake is the scene of repeated suicides and murders, in which the victims are all women.

Witches, fools, teenage girls with many secrets, women on the fringes of society.

As usual, Hawkins portrays her female characters' neuroses and torments with surgical precision.


Moving away, the saga of the Cazalet by Elizabeth Jane Howard (Fazi)

The Cazalet saga has reached the fourth chapter, the Second World War is over and the Cazalets have irremediably changed: children have grown up and gone, many marriages creak, others are gone forever.

The whole book is pervaded by the melancholy of things that irremediably change and are transformed, for good and for bad.

Fans of the saga will be happy to know it is in preparation for a TV series by the same producers of Downtown Abbey.

The collector, by Nora Roberts (Fanucci)

Working Lila Emerson takes care of the homes of others

While the owners are away water the plants, take care of the cat, he lives a month in one city and a month in another.

One day, while he is taking care of yet another apartment, he looks out the window and sees a murder committed.

A modern re-edition of «The window on the courtyard» for a gripping thriller.


The company of plants, by Ludovico Del Vecchio (Elliot)

Yellow set in Modena, in which Jan De Vermeer, an Italian-Belgian policeman, begins an urban guerilla under the pseudonym of an elusive "Company of Plants", of which he is the only member and whose purpose is recover urban areas which have been neglected.

The situation gets complicated when he has to solve some murders committed with an awl from a disturbing serial killer …

For lovers of murky atmospheres and gods mysteries set in the Italian province.


Please answer, by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen (Bao Edizioni)

Olive goes on a hike and disappears into thin air

Her husband Red is waiting for her at home, he does not know how to find it, he cannot find peace.

Her thoughts and feelings are told in the comic, while we discover his voice in a diary in the appendix to the book.

A dramatic love, told by Kathryn Immonen, assisted in the drawings and colors by her own husband Stuart Immonen.


Walter Dice, by Dario Sicchio, Lorenzo Magalotti (Magic Press Editions)

Walter is a kind man, a victim, a Dickensian employee a la "Bob Cratchit".

Everyone exploits him, everyone laughs at him

His revenge will be merciless

Noir by two Italian authors, for lovers of Landsale and Tarantino atmospheres.


Flames, by Gyorgy Dragomàn (Einaudi)

Emma's sentimental education, in the shadow of an Eastern European dictatorship, which is raised by a mysterious and disturbing grandmother.

Spells, nightmares, witches and orphanages, a magical realism conjugated with today's worst dictatorships.

The second opera by György Dragomán, born in Romania in 1973, from a family of Hungarian ethnicity.

At fifteen he moved to Hungary where he still lives and besides "Fiamme" he also published "Il re bianco".


Babylon's Ashes, the Destiny of James S.A.Corey (Fanucci Editore)

The fantasy of the year, from which the TV series "The Expanse" aired on SyFy is based, is now in its fourth book.

The best science fiction series around continues: the space crew of Commander Holden he finds himself having to face a solar system that has gone mad after the bombardment of the Earth.

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