Pinko: a special shooting with the influencers of Grazia
Pinko: a special shooting with the influencers of Grazia

The fashion bloggers of Grazia pose with the new LOVE Bag, the brand's it-bag that can now be personalized with your own name

Five influencers, an it-bag and that pinch of irony that never hurts.

Thus was born the special shooting that saw five Grazia influencers playing with LOVE Bag from Pinko.

The protagonists of the shooting are the fashion bloggers Candela, Tina, Gala, Camille And Miranda Makaroff, who posed in front of the lens with one LOVE Bag personalized with your name. But influencers won't be the only ones to own such a special bag.

The novelty of the season is, in fact, the customization service. The initiative, active since June, will allow you to put your name on the fly of the LOVE Bag and to choose between 4 color combinations: Classic Black & Light Blue, Classic Black & Nude Rosè, Neon Pink & Vitaminic Orange, Neon Pink & Crazy Violet.

The launch of the project will be celebrated by Pinko And Grace with an exclusive event during which it will be possible to create your own LOVE Bag.

The appointment is in Milan on 7 June from 18:00 to 20:30 in the single-brand store of Pinko at number 26 of via Montenapoleone, where they will be waiting for you Miranda Makaroff - in DJ sets and Candela.

But the good news doesn't stop there! If you are not in the city of Milan on that date, you can take part in the other events on the agendaJune 8 from 18:00 to 21:00: a Rome in the store at 92 in via due Macelli, a Naples at number 1 in via dei Mille and a Florence, in via Roma 26!

How to participate? Click the button below to register for the event you prefer! And in the meantime, browse the gallery to browse the backstage of the campaign!


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