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Natural hair oils: the best to nourish the hair
Natural hair oils: the best to nourish the hair

The ideal solution to nourish dry and damaged hair? Natural oils. We recommend the best ones for silky hair

The natural oils, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, they are a real cure-all to repair damaged hair, frizzy and very dry. However, not all are the same, each has specific properties to make the hair brighter, healthier and softer.

How are they used? Like compress pre-shampoo, to be kept on for as long as possible (even overnight), wrapping the hair in a warm towel. You can also use them for it styling, using a couple of drops (no more!) on the tips before drying.

The important thing is that they are 100% natural oils, possibly biological. By taking advantage of the different properties, you can also create custom mixes & matches.

We have selected for you i best natural oils to feed the hair. Browse the gallery to discover all the benefits.

The best natural hair oils

Moringa is a tropical plant with extraordinary anti-aging properties. It protects the hair from oxidation caused by pollution and purifies the scalp.
The beauty secret of Japanese women, camellia oil makes hair smooth and silky. Great for frizzy hair.
Rich in vitamin E and luric acid, it has an antioxidant and regenerating action on damaged hair, making it brighter and more resistant.
olio di argan
It makes hair shiny and silky, hydrates and softens dry and frizzy hair. It absorbs quickly and does not grease the skin.
Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin F, it is an excellent restructuring product capable of repairing split ends.
Oil with restructuring properties for hair damaged by aggressive treatments and soothing for the scalp.
Contains vitamins A, E and vitamins of group B. Its molecular structure is very similar to the sebum produced by the body, so it is easily absorbed and does not alter the hydrolipidic film.
Contains ricinoleic acid with regenerating properties. It is indicated in the case of weak hair tending to fall because it promotes its growth.
olio-di-avocado officina naturae
Rich in vitamins A, B D and oleic acid, it makes hair more elastic and hydrated, as well as preventing the appearance of dandruff.
Known for its emollient properties, it prevents flaking and dehydration, preventing split ends.

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