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Nude nail polish: the nude nail trend S / S 2017
Nude nail polish: the nude nail trend S / S 2017

Discover the most beautiful nude manicures of the moment with the flesh-colored nail polishes seen on the catwalk

The flesh-colored nail polish and the bare nails represent one of the great trends in manicure for Spring Summer 2017.

Gel effect, matte, luminous, nude beige, nude, powder pink and even glitter, the nude look is a must because it makes the elegant and manicured hands, perfect for any occasion.

Browse the gallery and discover the most beautiful nude nail proposals seen at the most important fashion shows.

Nude nail polish: the Spring Summer 2017 nude nail trend

Matt flesh-colored nail polish in a slightly warm nuance that turns to creamy beige.
Very shiny nude nails thanks to the transparent nail polish, a perfect idea for those who want to focus on important jewels.
Intense and pinkish flesh-colored nail polish.
Voluminous flesh-colored gel nails, with a sober but sophisticated look, perfect for balancing the opulence of the look.
Opaque nude nail polish that turns to mustard.
Powder pink nails in semi-transparent jelly finish.
Minimalist manicure in beige.
Small bright gold glitter stands out on the powder-colored nail polish: a glam solution for those who want to change their look in an instant applied a sparkling top coat.
Creamy and intense nude nail polish, perfect on Mediterranean skin tones.
Short, shiny and well-groomed nails. To achieve this look, apply a nourishing oil or cream every evening.
The taupe - taupe - and cappuccino colored glazes also continue to be in trend. Choose them in a creamy finish for a chic look.

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