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How to wear make-up with glasses and enhance the look
How to wear make-up with glasses and enhance the look

All the right make-up tips when wearing prescription glasses, following 4 simple golden rules

When carrying the eyeglasses one is often unsure which is the best way to go put on makeup, without letting the eyes disappear behind the lenses.

First of all try to think of wearing a glamorous accessory and not a mortifying "hindrance". We reveal a few and simple ones rules to follow to enhance the look with eyeglasses.


How to wear makeup with glasses in 4 steps

1. Emphasize the gaze as much as possible. Lenses tend to make your eyes smaller, you have to make them bigger with smokey eyes intense and the right techniques of chiaroscuro, intensifying the outer corner and crease of the eye. Never forget to highlight the top rhyme with a eyeliner and the lower one with a pencil nuanced.

2. Define the eyebrows. They are the element that distracts attention from the frame by framing the gaze. Use a highlighter just below the arch, define and fill the shape with a waterproof product.

3. Cover dark circles. The reflection of the lenses and frame creates a shadow in the dark circles area. Blend a corrector high coverage (using a little product to avoid creases!) and give a final touch with an illuminating concealer.

4. Balance the rest of the face. With glasses all the attention is shifted to the eyes, risking to make the rest of the face disappear. Rebalance the proportions by also making up your lips. If you don't like strong colors, opt for a bright gloss anyway.

The right products for wearing makeup with glasses

The right palette to create high definition eye makeup in neutral shades.
When wearing glasses never, never go out without black eyeliner.
Nothing is more annoying than lashes that smear the lenses. This mascara has buildable intensity and lasts for 24 hours.
A blendable pencil for the inner rhyme that lasts all day.
A pencil to illuminate the brow bone, in a delicate shimmer pink shade.
With glasses increases sweating around the eyes. Choose a waterproof product to define the eyebrows.
NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer_Creme BrulÇe
High coverage concealer that guarantees a natural look, without forming cracks or folds.
The legendary illuminating concealer in pen to give a touch of light to the dark circles area. Use it in layering with a more covering concealer.
Lip paint in saturated colors with very high pigmentation, to rebalance and balance eye makeup.
If you are not the type with strong colors, still choose a super bright gloss, with reflective particles, so as not to make the lips "disappear".

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