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What happened between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift
What happened between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been in a fight for years: for the first time even Katy has told her side of the story - here's what happened and why the two hate each other

Katy Perry has written a new chapter of the feud with Taylor Swift

The singer, guest of the Carpool Karaoke by James Corden, did not shy away from the presenter's questions about his bad relationship with his colleague and gave his version of the facts.

At the origin of everything there would be an exchange (or theft, depending on whether you side with one or the other) of dancers.

Then interviews, songs dedicated to the enemy, media speculation, backlash and (delayed) response.

We tried to do some clarity to understand how things went.

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Katy Perry's version

The singer was in James Corden's car when, between one song and another, the subject of Taylor Swift comes up.

Katy didn't hold back and admitted: “It's true, there is a situation at stake, but she started it and honestly it would be better if she stopped ".

This is the first time that the pop star talks openly about what happened, so far she had limited herself to not commenting and to specify that in her album there was no dig in response to her colleague.

“I tried to talk to her but she didn't want to. I behaved correctly and she wrote a song about me.

To which I thought, ah yeah, is this what you want? Well, karma. There is the law of cause and effect, do something and there will be a reaction and trust me honey, there will be a reaction! », he added.

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Taylor Swift's interview

It all started in 2014, when Taylor gives an interview to Rolling Stone magazine to talk about her record album, "1989," which also included "Bad Blood," the song the singer admitted to writing with a colleague in mind.

“For years, I've never been sure if we were friends or not. He would come to me at awards ceremonies to say something and walk away, and I thought: 'Are we friends, or have you just given me the heaviest insult of my life?'.

Then he did something so horrible, like a declaration of war. And it wasn't even for a boy! It had to do with business.

She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena that hosted my tour. And to do so he tried to hire a group of people.

But we did not openly enter into conflict. You can't believe how much I hate conflicts. So now I have to avoid it: it's embarrassing, I don't like it ».

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The question and answer (not too much) veiled

Right after the interview is posted, Katy has posted a rather ambiguous message on Twitter which seemed to refer precisely to the colleague.

Beware of Regina George in sheep's clothing

In his defense also the boyfriend of the time, the DJ Diplo who had written, always on social media: "Someone should launch a fundraiser to give Taylor Swift a butt ".

Taylor did not respond, it was enough for her to publish "Bad Blood" as the second single, being joined by a host of models, actresses and singers for the video.

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The problem of the dancers

Everything seems to have broken out due to some collaborators of the two

"Here's how things went - explains Katy - There were these three dancers who worked with me who asked me if they could go on tour with her. I replied "of course yes, but know that within a year I will be back on tour too, so make sure you have 30 days' notice to free you".

So, after that year I called them to say that I was about to go on tour and to talk to the management. They did it and they got fired. '

Taylor would have seen Katy's request to have her dancers back as an attempted sabotage of his tour and for this reason he decided to end all relations.

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Katy Perry's Revenge

Now that Katy's new album is out, many have wanted to see in one of the songs, «Swish Swish» a reply to the colleague, of which the title seems to want to resume the surname.

In the song we read several stanzas that could easily adapt to the situation, although the pop star explained:

“I think it's a great anthem for anyone to use when someone tries to put you down or bully you. It's like a 360 ° liberation. Chained To The Rhythm was political liberation, sexual Bon Appétit and now "Swish Swish" is liberation from all negativity which you do not need ".

Not a total denial, then

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Peace signals

At the end of the interview, James Corden tried to make peace wondering if it will ever be possible to draw a line and start over.

Katy's response was clear: «I believe women together - and not divided or taken by all this nonsense - can rule the world.

Of course I'd put a stone on it, 100% »

Below is the full video of Carpool Karaoke. The part where we talk about the fight with Taylor Swift is around the tenth minute.

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