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Alexa Chung's first collection
Alexa Chung's first collection

The English it-girl finally presents her brand to the public. Homonymous, of course

Get a socialite, more than a million followers, a wardrobe that has become an icon. Add to it the curiosity for fashion and its lifestyle and invent a product that can reflect all these factors, as in a sort of tetris.

Alexa Chung she must have thought about it for a while but in the end she made up her mind, the time has come to transform her style into something that others could really imitate. May 31 debuts on his first collection: ALEXACHUNG.

The brand is called after her and presents a series of garments and accessories that reflect her personality: from t-shirts and sweatshirts with writings to retro-style dresses, those with a more evening appeal and finally footwear, ankle boots in the front row. x Alexa Chung_In my head_2

To launch the collection properly, Alexa and the team, with whom she has been collaborating since 2013, have created an exclusive video shot by Mike Skinner, British musician. More than ten years ago, precisely in 2004, Alexa was chosen as the star model of one of her videos.

The chosen location is the Lismore Castle, an enchanting place where Mike decided to have the it-girl pose in a very natural and spontaneous way, to better express her personality.

If you are curious to discover the Alexa line, find the highlights here, you can buy them directly on Enjoy!

ALEXACHUNG: the first collection

which was attended by some celebs and socialites, Alexa's longtime friends, such as Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof, Laura Bailey and many others. After the show, Alexa Chung and her guests went wild at an after party at the Aviary Bar.

The launch of the Alexa Chung collection for

The launch of the collection signed by Alexa Chung for
Alexa Chung designed a collection of pieces for the Mytheresa e-commerce
Amber Anderson
Veronika Heilbrunner.
Daisy Lowe
Alexa with her friends and guests: from left Pixie Geldof, Daisy Lowe and Amber Anderson.
Justin O'Shea
Laura Bailey
Pandora Sykes
Pixie Geldof
The finale of the collection presentation show.

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