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How to deal with a narcissist
How to deal with a narcissist

Dealing with a narcissist or the typical know-it-all person can be really tiring, but there are specific strategies to keep them at bay.

Everyone happens to be dealing with a narcissist

A person that he thinks he knows everything, that whatever you may have done will tell you that it would have done it differently (e obviously better), who, if he can contradict you, will not hesitate to do so, e he will look for the most favorable situations to enhance all his incredible qualities.

At this point a clear name and surname.

Relating to them is a struggle, but there are four precise strategies to keep at bay even the worst of narcissists.


Seek his opinion

You have the power to choose who to spend your time with.

If a family member or friend takes on this annoying attitude, try to stay away from them as much as possible.

However, if you really can't do it, play cunning: ask for his opinion without saying how you plan to solve the problem or situation.

Most likely he will start stammering something confusing why it will have no terms of comparison on which to be able to assert itself.


Enhance its qualities

If you strive to exalt the qualities of the know-it-all, as if by magic, you will silence it.

People who tend to know it all often they are the most insecure and they apply this way to avoid being attacked or overwhelmed by others.

For this reason, if you will emphasize the qualities they have you might have some peace.

At least for a few minutes


Remain convinced of your ideas

Often who feels superior, tends to use tones and words that they can get to intimidate those in front of you.

What you should do though is remain convinced of who you are and your ideas, not because the other understands them, but for stay true to your nature.

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Use it to know yourself

If you have a self-centered person in front of you, use it to know your hidden sides.

Do you feel in trouble when he talks to you? Or are you not particularly interested?

If you notice any discomfort or you understand that you are conditioned by what others say, then you will know that you will have to work on confidence in yourself.

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