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Who is Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift's new boyfriend
Who is Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift's new boyfriend

Joe Alwyn is Taylor Swift's new boyfriend, as well as an actor: we tell you who he is and everything you need to know about him

Joe Alwyn is Taylor Swift's new boyfriend: a British actor with whom the singer has been a steady couple since February, at least according to the revelations of People.

He, apparently, would be the reason why the pop star decided to keep a low profile, minimizing public appearances and limiting his presence on social media.

On the other hand, Joe came into Swift's life after his own ended super media relationship with Tom Hiddleston, sailed and wrecked in just three months.

And precisely for this reason it seems that the pop star this time has decided to keep hers private life away from the spotlight.

The news of their liason, however, has circulated the same and now everyone is wondering who is the boy who conquered her.

We investigated her to give you an answer.

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He is English and lives with mum and dad

Apparently Taylor has a thing for boys frombritish accent, considering that her most recent boyfriends (Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston) are all from Britain.

Joe Alwyn is no exception.

Born in London, grew up north of the city, where he still lives with his parents, despite being 26 and traveling the world.

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He has parents who are useful for his career

Joe Alwyn's father is an author of documentaries who has traveled the world, passing on to his son the passion for cameras and travels.

The mother, on the other hand, is a psychotherapist, that his work could help him identify better with the characters, even if he doesn't seem to want to exploit his skills, as he revealed in an interview.

"She's very good with people, she listens to them and if I want to talk to her about something she's fantastic, but she's still my mom."

He, for his part, has always gone out of his way to try to make it as an actor by doing theater and studying dramatic art.

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His first major film

When the gossip about his relationship with Taylor Swift exploded, everyone wondered who Joe Alwyn was.

In fact, his name is quite unknown at the moment.

His first part on the big screen it dates back to last year, when he starred in Ang Lee's film, Billy Lynn - A Hero Day, which saw him debut alongside a large cast of Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel and Steve Martin.

He was also selected to join the cast of The Favorite, film with Emma Stone, Nicholas Hoult and Rachel Weisz.

Not bad, for one released from acting school only in 2015.

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The great promise of Hollywood

Despite Ang Lee's cold box office reception, Joe Alwyn has been referred to as the "Future great promise of Hollywood" by the Hollywood Reporter, who followed his progress and preparation for the film, set during the Iraq war.

To get into character, Joe was sent to Georgia to a training camp run by former army sergeants.

"There was no contact with the outside, our phones have been seized from us. We were so immersed in the study of military tactics that we really bonded as a unit,”the actor said.

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Part-time model

In his brief climb to success, Joe Alwyn can boast too some appearances as a model.

Last year she posed for the cover of Vogue America of the September issue alongside Gigi Hadid, with whom he immediately became very good friends.

It just so happens that Taylor broke up with Tom Hiddleston at that time. Maybe it was the supermodel who was the cupid.

Anyway, in addition to the shooting, Joe he also participated in several fashion shows, but as a guest.

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Success with girls

Joe has never had major problems with girls who, according to his friends, they always fell at his feet.

«He is very charismatic, he is the classic prince full of charm with the queue behind the door. Women throw themselves at him.

He has a gentlemanly manner, a nice person who works hard ». It will be these characteristics that have also captured Taylor's attention.

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