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Ten ways you are sabotaging your love life
Ten ways you are sabotaging your love life

Haven't you been able to start a serious story for many years? If your love life is running out of water, maybe it's your fault too: here's how to figure it out (and fix it)

If you have been single for many years there are only three possible options: you have been unfortunate, you are putting in place gods repetitive behaviors that sabotage your love life, or one sum of the two.

Since there is little to be done on the first question, here we will focus on the second unknown of the equation - and try to solve it.

Have you ever wondered for example if you are unsure, if for fear of losing someone don't express your feelings?

Or if you have lost hope and do nothing but repeat that you will remain spinsters for life?

Browse the gallery, we present the ten attitudes with which you could be you ruin your love life by yourself of the last years.

How you self sabotage your love life

amare chi non vi vuole
Do you love only those who reject you? Do you pursue those who treat you badly and quickly get bored of the poor people who try to behave like human beings? Perhaps you should admit that it is you who are continually sabotaging your happiness, stop chasing those who don't want you and give those who show affection and interest a chance. Do it rationally for a few days, you will enjoy it and, once the vicious circle is broken, you will live better.
cercare conferme
You do it to look for confirmation, to feel more important or just to get immediate results. Whatever the reason, when you go out with a man you bet everything on sex, make explicit jokes, and immediately put him in the corner. Know that by doing so you are preventing him from doing his little man's job (and perhaps you are scaring the shit out of him).
creare distanze
Sometimes you yourself are digging gaps between yourself and a possible relationship when you close in on yourself, decide not to date any male beings, and stop having a social life. Prince Charming does not come (unfortunately) to knock on the door and if when you meet a nice guy you tell him too soon that you are going through a difficult and dark period, you certainly won't let him get close to you.
fingere per assecondare
Sometimes courtship is a matter of strategy, but you can't pretend to be something you are not or go along with what he asks so as not to lose it. If he tells you he doesn't want a serious relationship, you can't pretend that you don't care too: say clearly what you want and take the risk of being happy, you have nothing to lose.
If you have known him recently and he hasn't written to you for a day it's not a tragedy, he's not thinking that he doesn't want you anymore and he hasn't escaped to a new continent with a hotter woman than you. Stay calm, don't stalk him under the house, don't stalk him on social media and don't go to the place where you know you might meet him. You would end up scaring the shit out of him. Be patient and you will see that he will write soon.
paura della routine
He doesn't have to continually show his love to you with spectacular gestures and circus stunts. Routine isn't a bad thing, not necessarily - it could be a new level of tranquility and normality that you should welcome into your life.
paura di parlare
You should always have the courage to say what you are feeling, with your head held high and without the fear of causing an unpleasant reaction in the man you date. If he does not understand then he is not really the right person for you, be courageous and if something is wrong or something else hurts you, say it openly, the woman who does not speak and submissive is more afraid than the one who has the courage to express herself.
pensare che non meritate
There is no more self-defeating behavior than a woman who plays the victim and keeps repeating that no one wants her, who will never find the man of her life, who is unfortunate, who has now lost all hope. If you don't believe that you are bringing bad luck on yourself, take it into your head that you are certainly not palatable with this type of continuous grieving.
soffocare con le fragilità
You cannot pour your insecurities onto the poor victim, your fears cannot be cured by someone else, he cannot be the solution to your problems. You have to come to terms with your problems and not wait for someone to save you and walk around with a "help" sign over your head.
Are you one of those who take pleasure in breaking the heart of the boyfriend on duty? Do you always and only end up with weak men jumping like lambs behind you and towards the slaughterhouse? Examine your conscience: this is not the way to happiness.

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