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Nine qualities to look for in the ideal man
Nine qualities to look for in the ideal man

From passion under the sheets to culinary skills: these are the qualities that men should boast to be true blue princes

The ideal man exists - although it is a rare species.

No sentimentality, and the clichés of looking for a man who makes me laugh, there are basically nine qualities that make men perfect.

Of course, finding them all in a single specimen is quite rare, but you never know and in any case the important thing is check off as many items as possible.

Try it.

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1. Make plans

Find a man capable of make plans that go beyond the evening itself it is rarer than finding the elixir of life.

That is why when you are faced with someone who talks about the next weekend or of holidays together, it should be kept tight.

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2. Knowing how to listen

The ideal man is capable not only of knowing how to listen, but also of remember what he was told.

The extra touch? Remember the nonsense - like the one you talked about the night you met.

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3. Sincerity

Let us leave the superman to Nietzche, we women want normal men, who know open up honestly and talk about your feelings and sensations.

Even in the negative. Rather than disappear not even you were fugitive bosses, making us hysterical and insecure stalkers, long live those who speak clearly.

Tell us what went wrong or rather earlier that he just wants to have fun for one night.

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4. That he is good in bed

Find a man who feels the need to satisfy us and that you don't just think about your personal marathon to Nirvana, it's like winning the scratch card that promises holidays for a lifetime.

And then there is a time to make love, the sweet one, and a time to indulge in deeper instincts: the ideal man boasts both.

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5. He is good in the kitchen

Nobody wants a full time housewife, who is behind the stove, but the man who is, when needed able to get into the kitchen without setting fire to the house has a significant plus.

If then it is really good at cooking, sir, it's a superpower that makes him incredibly sexy.

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6. That he is a bit nerdy

No, no woman in her right mind would like to have one of the protagonists of "The Big Bang Theory" beside her, but a pinch of nerd air it can be really attractive.

And then who should we ask for fix the computer crashed?

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7. He is affectionate

Show your love in public it is not a crime.

Nobody expects record-breaking freediving kisses at the park, but at least one hand in hand or kiss in the elevator.

Small big gestures which restore the number of heartbeats.

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8. Love sports in a healthy way

It is nice to admire the body of a man after physical exertion, seeing him return tired and sweaty as he throws himself in the shower and regains his strength.

Likewise it's nice to see him get passionate while yells at the television because his favorite team is playing.

Everything, as long as within the limits tolerated by law. And so you pass your favorite team, not all the others of all the existing leagues for each type of sport.

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9. Love the family

See your boyfriend get along genuinely with his and your relatives is perhaps the most profound thing that can bind a couple because it speaks of the future.

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