Izabel Goulart: The Angel changes skin
Izabel Goulart: The Angel changes skin

She walked the runway for Victoria's Secret and thanks to her athletic body she has become one of the most famous supermodels in the world. Brazilian icon Izabel Goulart is now making her theatrical debut in the film Baywatch.

Ask to Izabel Goulart if the Brazilians are interested in beach style, the beach style, at least as much as the New Yorkers in street style, can create some misunderstandings. "Do you think we live all year in swimsuits?", The top model asks me with a tone that is between provocative and amused.

Of course not, I reassure her, and she comes to me: "When you grow up a stone's throw from the ocean, taking care of your image even on the beach is a matter of survival." because lzabel Goulart, 32, is the protagonist of Grazia's report you see in these pages. At key moments in her career there has always been a bikini peeping out.


The first time ("In-di-men-ti-ca-bi-le", marks the supermodel) was in her debut, well before earning international fame as an angel of the underwear brand Victoria's Secret. “I was 16 and a half years old and had no experience in fashion,” she tells me from the terrace of her Parisian home.

"It was my very first show and for the occasion they asked me to wear a two-piece." At rehearsals, he recalls, everything went smoothly. "But a few minutes before the show someone decided to change the bra lacing." Result: «On the catwalk, it took me a few meters to find myself topless under the amused gaze of the public. Imagine my embarrassment ». The misadventure then turned out to be an opportunity for the very young Izabel: the photos of the involuntary striptease had gone around the world allowing the debut model to get noticed.

Sixteen years later, another costume could bring luck to the Brazilian top again: that of sexy lifeguard in the film Baywatch, directed by Seth Gordon, remake of the famous TV series with Pamela Anderson, which will be released in Italy on June 1st. "When they asked me to be part of the cast," says Goulart, who has been partnering with the German footballer for a year. Kevin Trapp, Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper, "I had a moment's hesitation: I had never worked as an actress, I didn't know how I would manage in front of this new challenge".

What did you particularly like?"The fact of getting out of my routine and having the opportunity to fully identify with my character. And then I loved the atmosphere of the set: all the actors were nice to me, we worked in a good mood and in perfect harmony. I am impatient to find them at the premiere of the film ».

Have you ever seen an episode of the original TV series? "No, I'm too young, when I was the right age to watch it it was no longer in the schedule."

What was your life like before entering the fashion industry? "Very normal. I went to school and spent a lot of time at home with my mother. Everything changed when, shopping with her in a grocery store in the center of my city (São Carlos, ed), a talent scout approached me to ask me if I wanted to become a model ».

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What did you answer?“I took some time to think about it. The idea had never occurred to me. When they explained to me that I could travel and discover new cultures, I told myself it was worth trying. Today I know that I made the right decision, even if the price to pay was to stay away from my family ».

Are you very attached to yours?“They represent everything to me. I have a large family: five brothers and a sister ».

There must have been some animation in the house.“It's true, and I miss it. Due to my work commitments, I cannot go back to Brazil as often as I wish, but I talk to my parents and siblings every day: the younger ones tell me about the school or their progress in the tennis course, the older ones of the new job or their projects. We manage to stay close even if we live far away ».


To prepare for the interview, I did some research: in all the images I found she is smiling. Is it a philosophy of life? “I try to be positive, and I have every reason to like it. Of course, my days are not all for being so: I am healthy, I have a beautiful family, a job that slices, but when I am faced with a difficulty I focus on the solution. Being optimistic requires courage, it is a way of thinking that I have also developed thanks to sports ».

Here, let's talk about sport. According to the images posted on her Instagram profile, I have the impression that she practices them all: boxing, yoga, running, pilates. And the list is not exhaustive."Physical activity is the great passion of my life. When I'm not working, I'm in the gym. And even if I can't go, I find a way to train wherever I am: at home, on a beach, in a hotel room, and even on the plane. I always manage to put a jump rope in my suitcase ».

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It takes a nice consistency. What motivates you?«For me it is not an effort, but a necessity and a pleasure. I wanted to share my great love for sport on Instagram to get a message across: one hour a day is enough to take care of your health, physical and mental. It is our greatest treasure, and it must also be our priority ».

Last summer she was invited to participate in the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics. What did he feel?“It was like making a dream come true. Finding myself next to the greatest international athletes, exceptional people who have been able to overcome a thousand obstacles to reach those levels. As soon as I set foot at the Maracana Stadium, I felt a very strong emotion: the hearts of thousands and thousands of people were beating in unison. It was an unforgettable experience ".

If you think about pivotal moments in your modeling career, what comes to your mind?"My long collaboration with Victoria's Secret, of which I am particularly proud. Each show was a new challenge and a unique opportunity to demonstrate that sensuality is not the only aspect of a woman's personality worth showing. For 12 years, it was like having a second family ».

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Philanthropic commitment also plays an important role in his life. She supports the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation. Why this choice?«More than a choice it was a will dictated directly from the heart. One of my brothers, now 18, suffers from type 1 diabetes and I know what it means to fight against this disease on a daily basis. It seemed natural to me to use my notoriety to defend the foundation's cause and support research. My goal is to help my brother, but also millions of people like him ».

I notice that he constantly comes back to the subject of his family. Phone calls aside, how do you fight homesickness?“I organize festive barbecues with friends. I already did it when I lived in New York, I continue even now that I live in Paris. It is a very convivial way to be together. And it is a typically Brazilian tradition. We cook, we discuss, we laugh. There is no doubt, the barbecue is a bit my trademark and it is above all a way to rediscover the world of my childhood ".

At the end of our interview, the tone is warm, any misunderstanding about the beach style is forgotten and Izabel thanks me via WhatsApp with a heart-shaped emoticon. As for me, I decide to make myself a promise: every time I leave work I will be in doubt between the pilates course and the aperitif with friends, I will think of Izabel and her amazing abs, which have nothing to envy to those of the her soccer boyfriend. It should motivate me. If it works, I'll let you know.

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