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Enamels: colors and trends for Spring Summer 2017
Enamels: colors and trends for Spring Summer 2017

Let yourself be conquered by the Spring Summer 2017 nail trends. A riot of glam colors awaits you

What are the colors and the Spring Summer 2017 trends in fact of enamels? From dark colors to classic red, passing through pastel nail polishes and nude and dark manicures, this year "everything is worth it".

The most beautiful nail polish colors of the moment have creamy, glossed and metallic finishes.

Discover them all below with the most glamorous proposals views on the most important walkways.

cover-Unghie le tendenze della Primavera-Estate 2017-evidenza


Sorbets and macarons are placed on the nails creating a delicate effect.

Pastel nails are fresh and bright, giving an elegant and sophisticated look with an extra glam touch. The pastel glazes to choose? Pink, peach and lilac.

Pastel nails: the trend of SS 2017

they are a must have of the last period. Choose them in a matte finish if you love bold looks, shimmer if you feel romantic or with a milky effect if you want to create a nude-chic effect.

Off white manicure: the selection from the catwalks

they remain at the top of the nail trends of the moment, including cream, metal and jelly finishes, for a posh effect in every season.

Dark nails: the proposals for SS 2017

unghie dark pe 2017 (17)
A more eclectic shade than the usual black manicure.
unghie dark pe 2017 (8)
Ton sur ton. The blue nail polish is paired with a clutch in the same shade.
unghie dark pe 2017 (13)
The black nail polish is always the protagonist and, above all, it is super chic. To copy!
unghie dark pe 2017 (14)
The color with a vampire-chic mood is characterized by a red base and black pigments that give the dark shade.
unghie dark pe 2017 (6)
The black base is enriched with a metallic finish to give a more gritty character to the nail art.
unghie dark pe 2017 (7)
A cascade of black glitter on the fingertips fade into a nude shade. For those who want a manicure that does not go unnoticed.
unghie dark pe 2017 (5)
The nuance of the enamel is bright and vibrant and with a glossy finish.
unghie dark pe 2017 (11)
Swarovski encrustations embellish this black manicure for a three-dimensional result.
unghie dark pe 2017 (16)
Make the nail art unusual by drawing a blue polka dot on the creamy black base.
unghie dark pe 2017
Mud is a shade that knows no season. It is also perfect on short nails.


Get ready to shine with metallic enamels Spring Summer 2017. The metallic effect gives the manicure a precious look, to take classic party looks dedicated to the evening to the next step.

Which colors to choose? Silver, bronze and copper to start with, then indulge yourself!

Metallic nails for Spring-Summer: our selection

they bring us an explosion of color, energy and originality.

Discover them all and get inspired for your manicures.

Nail art: the most glamorous proposals for Spring-Summer 2017

nail art primavera estate 2017 (2)
Designed for those who love holographic and iridescent glazes, capable of giving life to textures and patterns that recall the marine world.
The base is white and milky, decorated with thin black lines that reflect the bezel, for an impact graphic look.
On long nails with a stiletto shape - pointed - we find different pastel shades, with a harmonious effect.
Bold combinations. On a neon blue base red polka dots are drawn at the height of the bezel. For manicures that don't go unnoticed.
nail art primavera estate 2017 (5)
You can also invert the colors. The base is orange red and the polka dots are blue. Get creative with your imagination!
nail art primavera estate 2017 (11)
Choose two very pop colors like blue and lemon yellow.
nail art primavera estate 2017 (12)
The shades we like the most for this pop manicure are black and light blue.
Luxury matte gold.
nail art primavera estate 2017 (6)
Super catchy, the manicure inspired by tribal geometries is one of the coolest trends for the spring season.
nail art primavera estate 2017 (7)
On the blue base, black and white lines have been drawn in tribal style.
nail art primavera estate 2017 (9)
Transparent base and red glitter for a nail art combined with the colors of the beauty look.
To make a very black manicure original, color a nail in a metallic or glitter tone.
Mix contrasting finishes with the same base color: some nails are matte black, others glossy. Glam!
nail art primavera estate 2017 (10)
A cascade of glitter that fades from gray to black for a bold French manicure.
nail art primavera estate 2017 (13)
The finish is glittery for this manicure that alternates metallic gold with blue. To be combined with eye makeup in the same shade.
nail art primavera estate 2017 (14)
Gold and gray for this nail art with reverse manicure - the French on the contrary - minimal.
nail art primavera estate 2017 (15)
Incrustations with a metallic finish appear on very long nails colored in gold and silver tones. For those who love to dare.
nail art primavera estate 2017
Two-tone manicure with a subtle gold reverse manicure.
The rainbow on the nails.
The base is black and creamy. On each single nail drops of Swarovski crystals have been applied.
Metal gold base with bright crystals.

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