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I'm not jealous: because we say it even if it's not true
I'm not jealous: because we say it even if it's not true

There are four very specific reasons why we try to deny our partner jealousy: we explain what they are

How many times to the fateful question are you jealous ?, did we respond by shaking our heads vigorously?

Yet at that moment inside of us was already moving the murderous instinct to the pretty-girl-who-is-this? who liked his post or who (even) commented on his status.

Jealousy (healthy) arises when we feel the risk of being able to lose a person who makes us happy

It does not depend on what others do but on what we perceive ourselves as danger. Real or not.

Do we love him and feel that there is something that could take him away from us? Here is that jealousy sets in.

However, women often love to complicate their lives and therefore, instead of expressing what they feel, shamelessly deny without considering that the apparently innocent looks and questions speak for themselves.

Here are the four reasons why we say we are not jealous but in reality we are.


1. The difference between male and female jealousy

We often lie because we think our he could not understand. And the best part is, we're right.

This is demonstrated by research by David Frederick of Chapman University and Melissa Fales of the University of California, Los Angeles.

This study showed that male jealousy is very different from female jealousy. Men feel a more jealousy sexual type, while women emotional type.

In other words, men find it harder to forgive a night of fire while women are more jealous of a sentimental involvement towards another person.

Here because we do not feel legitimated to expose ourselves for small things that are important to us, we perceive that our partner could not understand.

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2. In love, whoever runs away wins

This saying has been instilled in our heads enough to convince us that pretending disinterested can be helpful.

This is one of the reasons why we find it hard to admit that we are jealous, better keep pride and don't make your partner think that he has this tool to be used against us.


3. It makes us safer

If we don't admit we're ultra jealous, we feel more confident about ourselves.

Furthermore we are also freer to stalk the people we suspect without feeling guilty or defective.

On the other hand, if a thought is not said aloud, it is not real.


4. Competitiveness

If we are jealous of someone, it also automatically snaps the challenge.

If your boyfriend hadn't even noticed the (possible) rival, rest assured that, from the moment you show your jealousy, he will begin to look at her with different eyes.

But we don't like rivalry and so we keep repeating I'm not jealous, love.

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