Beppe D’ Elia: the interview with the hairstylist and creative mind of bf bella # fashion
Beppe D’ Elia: the interview with the hairstylist and creative mind of bf bella # fashion

From backstage creations to the care of celebrities' looks, from the passion for shapes to creativity at the service of beauty, up to a great collaboration that led to the birth of a brand of hair accessories and electric brushes driven by the goal of making fashion and the quality of made in Italy accessible to all women: Beppe D'Elia talks about himself and tells us about the bf bella # fashion brand.

bf bella # fashion by Beppe D'Elia was born from the encounter between a leading brand in the hair accessories market and the experience of a professional. How did your hairstylist know-how determine the creation of this brand?

My contribution to the creation of bf bella # fashion accessories focuses on the creative and technical parts. The accessories collections are inspired by fashion and trends and come to life starting from my professional experience in the backstage to become a creative idea thanks to the sketches of brushes and accessories, combined with the technical component that is expressed through the materials that make bf bella # fashion a professional brand, accessible to all women.

You come from a family of hairdressers for three generations, so we can say that this art runs in your veins and that you grew up in the midst of beauty. What is your earliest memory related to hairstyle?

I was six or seven years old and I remember my father returning from the United States with the poupette, the mannequin heads on which to practice, a real revolution of the time. He had left them unattended for a moment in the salon and I immediately went to get one and, with my scissors, I had made my first cut. I just couldn't help myself!

And if you weren't a hairstylist, what would you have become?

An architect. I have always been fascinated by shapes which, moreover, are an element that has always been part of my professional life as a hairstylist. A confirmation of my great passion.

You have been collaborating with prestigious fashion houses and celebrities for over 25 years: what was your most memorable professional experience, the one you remember with the greatest pride?

I started working backstage very early, at 16, and my first show was for Valentino. I remember the immense emotion, which resulted in a liberating cry full of satisfaction at the end of the show. Surely the memory I am most fond of.

In 2002, on the other hand, I lived the experience I am most proud of: I was present in the backstage of the last Yves Saint Laurent fashion show as the only Italian, together with Carla Bruni and Mariacarla Boscono. It was a very important fashion show, the great designer's farewell to fashion, and thousands of people had gathered outside the Center Pompidou in Paris to attend this event from the maxi screens. Yves Saint Laurent had passed backstage and had given everyone who had worked on the show a logo showing the start and end dates of their careers. For me it was a great honor.

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Beauty and fashion have a very close connection. Do you believe that the secrets used by hairstylists in the backstage of the fashion shows can also be translated into do-it-yourself hairstyles in the daily life of all women? Is there any secret of yours used on models during fashion weeks that all women could use every day for their hairstyles? Would you like to reveal it to us?

I am a strong supporter of the connection between fashion and street. What happens in fashion also happens in everyday life and there are thousands of tricks of the trade that can be stolen from the backstage, especially those that allow you to get the best results in the shortest possible time. After all, the speed necessary to take care of the looks of the models before a fashion show is not so different from the speed that puts every woman in preparing when she has little time available. The first secret is definitely the dry shampoo, to be used for a quick refresh, combined with the use of the electric brush. Both are widely used in backstage because they allow you to obtain fresh and shiny hair in a few minutes. In the same way in everyday life they speed up styling, refreshing the hair and replacing the hairdryer and the traditional brush. A second piece of advice taken from the backstage is to style your hair in a bun with the help of rubber bands, barrettes and bobby pins. It is certainly the fastest hairstyle to create, without neglecting elegance and femininity.

How did the Milan, Paris, London and New York fashion weeks influence the bf bella # fashion hair accessory collections?

The cities of fashion are so full of personality that I couldn't help but be inspired by their essence for the creation of bf bella # fashion hair accessories. The graphic, classic, clean and luxurious shapes of the brushes with torchon handles and boar hair bristles in black and greige are inspired by the timeless elegance of Milan. Paris inspired the nuance of gold and the creation of charming brushes in mini sizes to carry in a handbag, like a true parisienne. Grunge mood for the collection that incorporates London atmospheres with brushes with pointed handles and decorative motifs that recall studs. Finally, New York, the pop city par excellence, with its thousand neon colors inspired the summer collection in fluorescent shades.

Having to choose a hair accessory that is able on its own to create a protagonist hairstyle, which one would you choose?

Definitely the elastic. It is the accessory that most easily allows you to change your hairstyle and even completely change the look, going from long to short hair in seconds. bf bella # fashion by Beppe D'Elia has launched a line of ton sur ton elastics that recall hair colors and allow you to obtain hairstyles with an almost invisible effect. To have an impact hairstyle, made in the easiest way possible, I recommend in addition to the elastic, also the clips for greater structure and the brushes of the Milano line which, thanks to the boar hair bristles, are able to make the shiny and silky hair.

It happens to all women to wake up with unmanageable hair. What do you suggest to transform a bad hair day with ease and speed?

The easiest and fastest way to manage hair in those days when it is particularly frizzy and rebellious is to use the Easyliss electric straightening brush by bf bella # fashion. Thanks to the heat generated by the 66 heated peaks and the ION technology, it can make hair smooth, soft and shiny in just a few minutes, eliminating frizz and electrostatic effect. The Vapoliss electric straightening steam brush is instead the ideal choice if you have particularly curly and tousled hair and want to obtain an even more intense smooth effect. In both cases, unlike the traditional hair dryer and brush, the result is much faster and easier to obtain. A brush stroke is enough!


Which hairstyle would you recommend for next season?

Play with the rubber bands and braids, extremely current for the upcoming summer. Instead of limiting yourself to the classic single braid, try to create two, one on each side, stop them with the rubber bands and fix them at the nape of the neck in a bun. Choose your style: softly gathered braids for a more romantic look to combine with a make-up in natural tones or braids gathered in a more pulled chignon for a rock style with dark lipstick.

What are the celebrities who sport trendy hairstyles and that we should look for for inspiration when we want to try a more particular hair look?

It is not easy to be inspired by celebrities in terms of hairstyle. It is too subjective an element that depends on the facial features, on the hair color and also on the type of hair. I believe that you can only be inspired by a celebrity's hair look if you have some features and some colors in common with her. If there is similarity then it can be interesting to follow her and take inspiration from her hairstyles, otherwise my advice is to respect your own features and colors, because they are the true style elements of a woman.

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