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Sensitive eye mascara: more delicate and effective to try
Sensitive eye mascara: more delicate and effective to try

Do you have sensitive, allergic, delicate eyes or do you wear contact lenses? These are the mascaras for you

Sensitive eye mascara. We have selected the most interesting of the moment to try in case of allergies, very sensitive eyes - which tend to weep - and ideal for those who use contact lenses.

Based on quality ingredients and free of aggressive substances, today mascaras for sensitive eyes are able to give a intense effect on the lashes without weighing them down or stressing them.

Browse the gallery to discover the sensitive eye mascara of Clinique, Neve Cosmetics, La Roche Posay, BioNike and many more.

Sensitive eye mascara: more delicate and effective to try

mascara occhi sensibili clinique
Ophthalmologist tested, it ensures volume and length to the lashes in complete safety and delicacy.
mascara occhi sensibili bionike
False eyelash effect for mascara suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The formula is fragrance-free, gluten-free, preservative-free and tested for nickel, chromium and cobalt.
mascara occhi sensibili physicians formula
Totally natural ingredients, 70% of which are of organic origin, and a formula that thickens, darkens and lengthens the lashes for a guaranteed wow effect.
mascara occhi sensibili shiseido
Designed and patented in Japan, this mascara offers a fan effect, even for sensitive eyes.
mascara occhi sensibili neve cosmetics
Defined by the manufacturer as "the vegan mascara for fawn eyes", it lengthens, darkens and shines the lashes. Its formula, suitable for sensitive eyes, is free of parabens, petrolatum, silicones, acrylates and animal ingredients.
mascara occhi sensibili la-roche-posay-respectissime-extension-mascara-marrone
Extending and curling mascara with high tolerability. Contains fortifying polymers and a formula based on natural acacia gum.
mascara occhi sensibili nabla le film noir
With castor oil, which strengthens, polishes and protects lashes, this mascara gives a spectacular false lash effect while respecting delicate eyes.
mascara occhi sensibili purobio
Protects and restructures lashes, respecting sensitive eyes. Its formula is completely based on natural and vegan ingredients.
It boasts a protective and soothing formula, nickel tested and fragrance free.
mascara occhi sensibili blinc
Easy to remove with simple warm water, this mascara is ideal for those with sensitive eyes or contact lenses who are looking for an intense, waterproof and long-lasting effect.
mascara occhi sensibili ilia
Without artificial preservatives, without phenoxyethanol and with a 100% natural formulation, composed of 42% certified organic ingredients.
mascara occhi sensibili PHB
Available in both black and brown, this mascara has an excellent formulation based on botanical ingredients that not only make the lashes more beautiful during application, but take care of them as a real treatment.

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