Apple Store Milan Piazza Liberty: here's how it will be
Apple Store Milan Piazza Liberty: here's how it will be

On July 26, the highly anticipated Milanese Apple Store in Piazza Liberty finally opens and we visited it for a preview. Here's what we saw

Today, two days ahead of the opening date to the public official (next 26 July 2018), the new Apple Store in Liberty Square, in the heart of Milan, has finally revealed itself, externally to the whole city, and internally to a group of selected representatives of the press and television.


The visual impact does not disappoint expectations. On the contrary. Designed by the archistar Norman Foster it develops completely underground - like the one on Fifth Avenue in New York - but already fascinates on the outside with a huge parallelepiped of glass (glass is the distinctive element of all Apple flagship stores in the world) hit by jets of water eight meters high.


The inputs there are two. The first, at the level of the square, allows you to literally walk inside the parallelepiped between the two walls of water. The second is on the lower level, and can be reached by going down the huge living room staircase that occupies the entire square.


There stairway it will always be open: a modern amphitheater where you can sit, relax and meet with friends.


L'indoor (we are right under the steps of the square) is in perfect "Apple" style: clean, minimal and rigorous.

The materials chosen are the classic natural light wood combined with the local beola, a light gray stone with small dots of black and white, cut into horizontal sections for the floor and vertical for the walls, to give the illusion of "excavation" and depth of the structure.

To enrich the environment then eight enormous ones ficus trees, a real treat for such an environment.


The various exhibitors - arranged on two "avenues" - they then mix glass, 6k definition panels and wood, perfectly matching the large tables. Everything is as we expected but with a care and attention that still manage to amaze us.

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