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Apple Pay: how it works, how it is activated, who can use it
Apple Pay: how it works, how it is activated, who can use it

Apple Pay is also active in Italy from May 17: here's how it works, how it is activated, why it is safe, who can use it and where it can be used

Apple Pay has arrived in Italy and using it is very easy

The payment system designed by Cupertino, and already active in America for two years, allows you to pay by bringing your mobile phone (or Apple Watch) close to the Pos and to make a transaction without the need to enter pins or signatures.

How Apple Pay Works

The procedure is fast and highly intuitive like everything that comes out of Apple: from today, opening theWallet App (that of airline tickets, so to speak), a new item appears, Pay.

Just a click on the + at the top right and the camera is activated to frame the card. After two very short steps to ensure proper security and privacy, the mobile phone is authorized to take its place.

This means that in every store that has a contactless type of Pos (in Italy today they are more than half) will be possible pay by bringing your mobile closer to the machine where we first inserted the ATM (or swiped the card) and place your finger on the home sensor of the phone, to authorize payment with your fingerprint.

Necessary time: two seconds flat.

apple pay sicuro

What cards can it be used with?

In Wallet you can add them up to eight cards - credit, debit or rechargeable.

If you have a Unicredit or Carrefour Banca card (currently already a partner of Apple), the procedure for registering and activating the cards is limited to the two very short steps described above.

For the others, pending the numerous agreements envisaged between Apple and the various banks (the first will soon be American Express and Banca Mediolanum, followed by CartaBCC, ExpendiaSmart, Fineco, Hype, N26 and Widiba), for the moment we must pass through theBoon app.

How Boon works for Apple Pay

For those who have a credit card (or an ATM) from an institution that does not yet offer the Apple Pay service, the solution is to go through Boon, an App that works like rechargeable and virtual credit card.

It activates it by downloading the App and you load it by bank transfer from the current account or from another card.

At that point, that's enough insert it among the Wallet cards to start using Apple Pay immediately.

Is Apple Pay Safe?

Yes it is. Probably even more so than using any of the cards you have in your wallet.

Because when you pay in stores, the contactless transaction takes place via NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and the credit / debit card number it is not stored on the iPhone (or Apple servers), nor sent or shared with the merchant and its Pos.

Instead, a Device Account Number, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on your device and each transaction is authorized with a dynamic and unique security code that changes from time to time.

In the end, each payment is authorized with Touch ID or with the iPhone security code.

apple pay

What if the iPhone is stolen?

Given that a fingerprint is still required to authorize the payment (which is unlikely to be stolen along with your mobile phone), through the Find My iPhone feature you can suspend the service by setting the item Lost mode or permanently block it initializing the lost or stolen iPhone remotely.

Who can use it?

The sore point, for now, of the matter is that only those who use a can use Apple Pay Relatively new iPhone (from iPhone 6 onwards) and with operating system updated to at least iOS 10.1.

Apple Pay also works with the Apple Watch - just bring the clock close to the Pos after double-tapping the right button.

While with the iPad (iPad 2017, Air 2, Mini 3 and 4, the two iPad Pro) and with the MacBooks (with Touch ID or by leaning on the mobile phone with Bluetooth connection) you can take advantage of the immediacy of payment to skip the steps in which you have to enter your own data and card, but only for now in some App (Booking, for example) e websites that have enabled the service (Deliveroo and EasyJet, to name two).

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