Running: the advice of champion Andrew Howe also suitable for those who start running
Running: the advice of champion Andrew Howe also suitable for those who start running

Three months of preparation for the PoliMiRun, the 10 km scheduled for Sunday 21 May organized by Politecnico in partnership with the adidas runners. A workshop entitled "The secrets of Running: how to start running, motivation and injury prevention". And a special guest, Andrew Howe, holder of the Italian long jump record and of the second best Italian performance on 200 flat meters. With that positive energy that always sets him apart, Andrew talked to us about goals, motivation and the "pleasure of fatigue" in sport. He gave us some useful tips to not give up "even when things go wrong" and revealed some curiosities about his non-sporting life. «Because», he specifies with a smile, «allowing oneself moments of leisure and deserved recovery is essential to succeed in any business».


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