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Avril Lavigne died and replaced by a double: a new plot conquers the network
Avril Lavigne died and replaced by a double: a new plot conquers the network

Avril Lavigne is dead and has been replaced by a double: this is according to a new plot that is taking place online what really happened to the star more than ten years ago

Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by a lookalike

The disconcerting news has been circulating on Twitter for a few hours, launched by some fans of the singer who claim that their favorite is gone a long time ago and that there is a double in its place.

Some users have indeed started posting photo in comparison between the images of the beginnings and today, noting some discrepancies.

In fact, according to these theories, the star would have committed suicide due to a depression several years ago, in 2003, immediately after reaching the pinnacle of success with his debut album and the hit Ā«ComplicatedĀ».

As already done by other colleagues, for example Britney Spears, to escape the pressure of the paparazzi, Avril had hired a double, such Melissa, who took his place in some public appearances.

Hypothesis never officially confirmed, but which could also have a grain of truth.

Well, according to the conspiracy theorists, what we see today would be Melissa, who would have taken the place of the singer after her departure for decision of the record company and family.

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avril lavigne morta

The theory of exchange

The suspicion has begun to spread on the net that the star of "Complicated" died shortly after her debut album, in 2003.

Some users have started reporting it on Twitter, claiming that in all these years there has been a double in its place, accurately chosen by his record company to continue making money.

According to this theory, in 2002, at the height of success, Avril would have collapsed, due to his inability to handle fame and the paparazzi.

Because of this he would hire a double, such Melissa Vandella (pictured below would be the one on the right).

avril lavigne morta sostituta

According to what we read on the net, Avril and her double would also become very close friends.

In 2003, however, the tragedy

Singer she would be found dead in her home by some members of the record company, who in order not to give up her fame and the earnings that the star brought at that time, would have decided to go on only with Melissa, teaching her to sing with the same style of the original and then changing the voice to the computer.

avril lavigne morta tweet occhi

The evidence in favor of the theory

In the space of a few hours on Twitter thousands of fans were unleashed, convinced that their darling has really been replaced for reasons of interest.

And so many have tried to produce evidence that the theory is true, finding details that don't match, in physical appearance as in clothing and style.

avril lavigne morta tweet scrittura

The calligraphic test

Among the photos posted by users to confirm the theory even some notes written by the star in the early years compared with an image recently posted on social media.

For the fans the handwriting would be totally different.

To corroborate the thesis also the reaction of the alleged double in a recent interview in which a direct question, "So, are you or aren't you a clone?", he would have answered badly and digressing.

avril lavigne concerto

The clues scattered in the songs

Again according to this theory, Melissa would purposely leave clues scattered here and there, in lyrics of some songs, in promotional material and even in person.

avril lavigne kroeger

The denial

In reality, the news dates back to a few years ago

Had been a Brazilian site in 2004 to be the first to publish Avril's theory of death and replacement.

But the same blog, a short time later, had posted the denial, arguing that it was just a provocation to make it clear how easy it is for some people to fall into some traps if pushed to do so.

Yet, more than ten years later, there are still those who truly believe that what we see is not the real Avril.

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