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Monica Bellucci: the style of the Cannes godmother
Monica Bellucci: the style of the Cannes godmother

Monica Bellucci is the godmother of the Cannes Film Festival: let's retrace together the must-have pieces of her style

She will be there godmother of the 70th edition of Cannes Film Festival. Let's talk about Monica Bellucci, actress and icon of Italian beauty in the world.

While waiting to find out what she will wear on the red carpet, we retraced her fashion history and her "workhorses" in terms of style.

From mermaid longress to bustie r dresses, from masculine suit to sexy sheath dress, here are the pieces must that are never lacking in the diva's wardrobe.

Total Black


Monica's favorite color is undoubtedly him: her Majesty the black. Elegant, refined and seductive at the same time, it is a real guarantee of success when it comes to red carpets and exclusive parties.



Among the dresses that the actress absolutely prefers (since the beginning), there are those with bodice or bustier: the ideal solution to perfectly highlight the generous décolleté and slim waist. And get your fill of glamor, of course.

The shirt


In White shirt even on the most exclusive red carpet? Yes please! Monica loves to mix this basic garment with super glam pieces, such as a long lace skirt or with precious appliques. The final touch? A statement necklace is very precious and that's it.

"Italian Beauty" in sheath dress


Monica with her soft physique, perfectly embodies the Italian beauty. And what's better than a dress in sheath dress with a tapered line to enhance the curves? From the sexy version in black lace to those declined on floral or polka dot patterns, this model is the perfect alternative to long dress.

Men's suit


Not only dresses and little dresses: among the essentials of the actress there is also the classic men's suit to pants. Which she knows how to wear with unparalleled ease and sensuality, thanks to a lingerie-effect satin blouse or a low-cut top that reveals the décolleté.

Protection payment


Feminine and romantic the protection payment embroidered on the red carpet is always a great idea. Especially if declined on mermaid longdresses that caress the breathtaking curves of the diva.

Red in the evening …


Not just black. Another nuance that certainly cannot be missing in Monica's wardrobe is the most passionate color of the entire palette: the Red. Perfect with its colors (ideal for brunettes) it instantly gives a special touch to the look.

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