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Trendy yellow eyeshadow for summer eye make-up
Trendy yellow eyeshadow for summer eye make-up

Summer is full of vitamins: why not turn it on with a yellow eye makeup? Find out all about this make up trend

L'yellow eyeshadow is the protagonist of eye make-up forsummer 2017: we have seen it illuminate backstage and catwalks with its sunny look and we have selected the most beautiful versions for you.

The shades of yellow may seem very difficult to wear, especially in the makeup version: actually there isand its different shades can be considered "neutral", as our complexion contains different tones and undertones. Factor that makes yellow one of the colors to try absolutely on the eyes for a flash of current, fresh and lively nuance.

Who is yellow eyeshadow good for?

Precisely because all complexions already contain tones and undertones, the yellow eyeshadow suits practically all. The primary yellow it is essentially a universal tint, suitable for all incarnate. Who has the fair or very fair skin should experiment with delicate pastel shades while olive or dark skins will be enhanced by more amber tones.

How to use yellow eyeshadow?

The recommendation is to choose it as the only colored protagonist of the make-up: prepare one natural and uniform face base, applying the concealer where necessary. Define the eyebrows with a fixing gel and the eyelashes with a coat of black mascara. Warm cheeks with a warm blush, lightly peach and let go natural lipsi or illuminated by a veil of glossThe eyeshadow can be applied in purity over the entire eyelid or blended, even with metallic powders with golden reflections.

Let yourself be inspired by the make-up ideas we have selected for you in the gallery!

Yellow eyeshadow: our selection

ombretto-giallo-ss17_Byblos-Milano_bst_W_S17_MI_031_2525730 (1)
Primary yellow, lively and luminous, gives all complexions. Choose to combine it with a totally nude make-up to give a very special light to the eye.
Don't be intimidated by the color: apply a rather pigmented eyeshadow all over the eyelid and up to the eyebrow line without blending it too much and define the look with a coat of black mascara.
ombretto-giallo-ss17_Kyboe_bst_W_S17_NY_025_2475338 (1)
Make-up artists choose yellow as a new neutral, perfect for every complexion: light, buttery and pastel shades for fair skin, warm and amber shades for darker and olive complexions.
ombretto-giallo-ss17_Sportmax_clp_W_S17_MI_028_2524803 copy
A soft, semi-transparent shade is particularly suitable for light complexions. It can also enhance and update a romantic beauty look.
ombretto-giallo-ss17_Kenzo_bbt_M_S17_PA_004_2442152 (1)
Nuances of lemon yellow and lime blended together to create a halo of color around the eyes. Perfect the chromatic choice on the diaphanous skin that contrasts with the raven hair.
ombretto-giallo-ss17_Blugirl_bst_W_S17_MI_149_2499008 (1)
Amber shades blend with the yellow components of the complexion, and enhance a medium or slightly tanned complexion.
Yellow eyeshadow as a new neutral: its natural ability to match skin tones makes it perfect for simple and personality makeup. For an almost natural look, just apply the powder on the mobile eyelid and along the lower lash line, defined by the black mascara.
A mix of amber yellow nuances that immediately enhances the summer make-up look and the slightly tanned complexion. It goes well with the nude complexion, glossy lips and peach-colored blush.
The yellow eyeshadow is also suitable for shaded eye make-up in slightly contrasting shades as in this example, played on two shades.
Two citrus shades of light and transparent eyeshadow, blended together, give life to this summer eye makeup that defines the look and illuminates the iris.

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