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Ten behaviors you should never accept in a boyfriend
Ten behaviors you should never accept in a boyfriend

Often in the name of love we pass over questionable behaviors, there are some, however, not to be accepted for any reason

When do you fall in love, do you overlook everything?

Are you ready to forgive almost everything to your partner and often forget about you?

Perhaps you shouldn't allow it to always do good and bad times and on some things you should put a stop, especially when it comes to passing heavily on yourself and your dignity.

Of course, relationships are made up of compromises and on alcone things you have to give up, but you should never, ever pass a certain limit.

If you are wondering what's the limit beyond which you shouldn't go, browse the gallery and we'll tell you ten things you should never let them do.

Ten things a good boyfriend should never do

decidere come vi dovete vestire
You and only you can choose what to wear and what not. Don't get treated like a Barbie by men who want to show you or don't get covered by generals who want you in the turtleneck in August. You should never hear phrases like "Ah, so are you going out with your friends like this?", Or at least don't let that affect you. Be yourself and you will learn.
decidere quando e con chi dovete uscire
If they don't like your friendships and constantly criticize the things you want to do, the clubs you love and the places you like, maybe you have a problem. You shouldn't be swayed by what he thinks and completely change your world. If he doesn't integrate, maybe he's not the right person, how does he love you but not what you like to do?
farsi mantenere
Some men function as parasites: they settle in your house, empty your refrigerator, and even take your blood. Don't hide behind the word "love", a man who truly loves you doesn't act like a tapeworm. Ok, there are difficult times, but those who do nothing to change the situation are pathological or one who takes advantage of them.
This is the pro level of the manipulator, the one who wants to make you totally dependent on him. Who cares not to let you have anything else to make him indispensable and to make it more difficult for you to do without him. Don't let it scorch the earth around you, you can't exist without anything around it, it automatically becomes a dangerous and toxic relationship.
mettersi tra voi e la vostra amica
A man should never, ever come between you and your best friend and above all he should never allow himself to be jealous and cause treachery between you. Men of this type are slimy manipulators willing to take you away from one of the most important people in your life. Don't let him do it and instead ask yourself two questions about him instead.
paragonarvi alla ex
Like Carlo Verdone with poor Fosca, one cannot live with the memory of the perfect and unsurpassable ex, it is worse than the one who continually compares you to his mother. You should advise him to come back with her: in short, if she was so perfect why is she dating you now? Either the plant or you send it back in time.
cacciare nel cuore della notte
There are sociopaths who cannot share a bed with a woman, it seems to them that sleeping together means getting married in a few months. After doing the somersaults they would like to see you disappear in another hemisphere and do everything to make you become fog, forcing you to look for a taxi in the middle of the night. Please choose one that makes you sleep with him or you risk having a nervous breakdown. (Or rather come to you and do whatever he likes).
In no possible world can a man have the right to make you feel stupid, much less in front of other people. If you don't know the XXX group, or the contemporary author YYY, this does not mean that you are to be shot in the mess hall. Don't get your feet on your head and never feel inferior to someone.
tenervi nascosta
He never wants to show you to his friends, he keeps you more secret than a James Bond mission: when you go out you only go to places where he usually doesn't go without you. If he's ashamed of you he probably doesn't deserve you, either change or hello.
trattare come un servizio di car sharing
They are the ones who are there and they are not and they activate and deactivate your relationship in the same way they rent cars on Saturday nights. They alternate incursions and disappearances in your life as if it were the most normal thing in the world. You deserve a single driver, one who takes you out of the garage every day.

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