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Cannes 2017: the best beauty looks and hairstyles on the red carpet
Cannes 2017: the best beauty looks and hairstyles on the red carpet

Cannes Film Festival: discover with us the best beauty & hair looks of the divas on the red carpet of the 70th edition, updated daily

Cannes Film Festival: an easy-chic, natural beauty parades on the red carpet, capable of enhancing the faces of the stars immortalized by the photographers' flash. The nude beauty look, elegant and simple at the same time, is the preferred choice for divas who show off wavy and soft hair.

Putting aside the classic red carpet crop, the protagonists of the 70th edition of the Festival choose natural hairdo among bobs (the most beautiful? Bella Hadid), curls and, finally, curls with a vintage allure - it's the godmother's hair look Monica Bellucci.

There is no shortage of beauty looks that enhance the look: the eyebrows are always well defined, the black eyeliner lengthens the look made deep by the black kajal (Elle Fanning) and a different smokey eyes than usual (Lily Rose Depp).

Look at the gallery with the selection of best make up and hair looks and let yourself be inspired.

Cannes 2017: the best beauty looks and hairstyles on the red carpet

Jessica Chastain loves showing off long wavy hair with a vintage allure.
Wavy, with textured tips, Diane Kruger's bob is among the most beautiful hairdo on the red carpet.
Juliette Binoche
A beautiful hairdo for Juliette Binoche that leaves an over tuft free on the forehead.
uma thurman
Spaghetti effect for Uma Thurman's hair.
Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning's chignon is embellished with a black velvet bow.
Doutzen Kroes chooses a hairstyle with hair that is well-fitting at the sides and with volume at the top. The hair has a wet finish.
Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin's eyes and mouth are painted with shades between dark pink and brick for a very harmonious result.
Elsa Hosk
Soft curls and waves give volume to a combed hair with a style with a vintage allure and a sleek finish at the roots.
Izabel Goulart
It could only be that of Izabel Goulart the most voluminous and elegant hair on the red carpet.
Liu Wen cannes
Liu Wen's beauty look is in the name of sobriety.
Irina Shayk
The shade of brown eyeshadow lengthens the look. Irina Shayk's make-up is all about the eyes.
Iris Mittenaere cannes
Iris Mittenaere's chignon leaves free tufts on the sides and in the back.
If the focus is on the eyes, make up with dark shades, for the lips it is better to choose a light and transparent shade. It is the beauty look of Maria Borges.
70th Anniversary Red Carpet Arrivals – The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Vintage waves for Charlize Theron's bob that is to be copied. Make up by Dior
70th Anniversary Red Carpet Arrivals – The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Back on the red carpet with a cat eye make up. Elle Fanning, however, chooses an intense blue, a very cool color.
jessica chastain
Jessica Chastain shows off the most feminine hairdo on the last day of the red carpet.
70th Anniversary Red Carpet Arrivals – The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Diane Kruger leaves hair free on the sides for a very fluffy low crop.
naomi campbell
Very long and smooth the hair shown on the red carpet by Naomi Campbell.
laetitia casta
Leonine hair with curly and voluminous lengths for Laetitia Casta.
Explore all the shades of gold in Rita Ora's eye make-up.
uma thurman
Easy to replicate, we like Uma Thurman's semi-harvest for that touch of originality given by the braided hair on the side.
bianca balti
Elegant with textured hair, Bianca Balti's is the most elegant red carpet crop.
Jasmine Sanders sports one of the most beautiful hairdo seen on the Cannes red carpet: the high chignon is surrounded by a herringbone braid.
Izabel Goulart
Isabel Goulart's signature hair look for red carpets is a long hair moved by curls and waves and with copper lightening on the lengths.
sara sampaio
After Adriana Lima's fiery red lipstick, here's another make-up that focuses on the lips: Sara Sampaio is really very elegant.
kristina bazan
The hair placed on the side is moved by retro waves while the mouth is highlighted thanks to a red lipstick: Kristina Bazan's is the best beauty look with a vintage allure. Make up by L'Oréal Paris
anna cleveland cannes
Anna Cleveland's lipstick is the same color as the dress. Also on the eyelids the shades are burgundy. Make up by Dior
Jourdan Dunn
Jourdan Dunn's eyes are illuminated by the golden eyeshadow applied all over the eyelid.
Sonam Kapoor's nude nail art creates a balance with the gold-colored details of the long dress. Make up by L'Oréal
Anja Rubik
Anja Rubik abandons the nude make-up of the previous evening and dyes her lips a dark matte red that we adore.
Chiara Monteleone
Purple shades that fade into a candy pink nuance: Chiara Monteleone's mermaid hair look is on the catwalk.
Caroline Receveur
The blonde highlights on the lengths create a nice contrast with the color of the roots. The most beautiful balayage in Cannes is that of Caroline Receveur.
kendall jenner evidenza
Light sculpting enhances Kendall Jenner's face.
kristen stewart
A shimmer green eyeshadow brightens Kristen Stewart's eyes.
sara sampaio cannes
Not the classic bun for Sara Sampaio.
letitia casta cannes
The hair falls softly on the shoulders of Laetitia Casta who combs the tuft with a wet finish.
Very light foundation, black eyeliner and pink lipstick are the elements of Elle Fanning's nude make-up. Make up by L'Oréal Paris Credit ph: Splashnews
Coco Rocha's chignon is made original by a small braid on the right side. Credit ph: Splashnews
Petra Nemcova cannes
Petra Nemcova combs her hair to the side livening up the lengths with soft curls.
paz vega cannes
The short haircut à la garçonne by Paz Vega is made feminine by the tuft that covers the forehead.
Arizona Muse splashnews
Here is an original way to style short hair. To copy the look of Arizona Muse. Credit ph: Splashnews
lottie moss cannes
Even on the red carpet the low ponytail makes a good impression. If you have long hair like Lottie Moss, choose it even for the most important occasions.
Anya Taylor-Joy
Anya Taylor-Joy's hair is divided into two sections: at the top they are gathered in a high chignon while the rest of the hair falls soft on the shoulders. Credit ph: Splashnews
Anja Rubik splashnews
Bright, discreet but perfectly matched to the rest of the look, the make-up in peach pink tones chosen by Anja Rubik.
bella hadid cannes 2017 evidenza
Combined with the red of the lips, the graphic eyeliner makes Bella Hadid's look more sensual. Make up Dior Credit ph: Splashnews
The protagonists of Rihanna's look are the extra long red lacquered nails. A make-up in shades of beige dilutes the finish. Make up Dior Credit ph: Splashnews
thylane blondeau cannes 2017
Black nail polish with a creamy finish for Thylane Blondeau who chooses brown smokey eyes: it's her signature beauty look for the Cannes red carpet. Make up by L'Oréal Paris
Lily Collins never forgets to highlight brows that are well combed and bold. Very nice also the pink on the lips that softens the look. Credit ph: Splashnews
Fire red on lips and nails for Adriana Lima.
uma thurman cannes
Micro crop for Uma Thurman who leaves the tuft free on the side.
michelle williams cannes
Very blonde and very short hair for Michelle Williams. Make up by Dior
Emily Ratajkowski
A "sun kissed skin" effect make-up for Emily Ratajkowski.
Lily Donaldson
The eye is the protagonist of Lily Donaldson's beauty look thanks to a thin and long line of black eyeliner. Make up by Dior
Kate Gorney cannes (2)
Kate Gorney's chignon is enriched with a braid. Very original!
Deepika Padukone cannes splash
Eyes shaded with a green eyeshadow, combined with the dress, for Deepika Padukone. Make up by Val Garland for L'Oréal Paris
Hair with a sleek finish and well adherent to the head: this is the mimal chic hair look by Amber Valletta.
petra nemcova cannes
A small side braid gives a touch of originality to the high ponytail. Petra Nemcova's hairdo is to be copied.
Gianna Simone leaves a long side tuft free that falls soft and wavy on the shoulder.
Thylane Blondeau
We really like Thylane Blondeau's blended and blended eye shadow shades on the lids. Make up by L'Oréal Paris
monica bellucci cannes
The godmother of the Festival, Monica Bellucci, collects the soft curls of her hairstyle from the side.
bella hadid cannes
A new hairstyle for Bella Hadid that sports a choppy bob paired with a nude beauty look. As always, she is the queen of the red carpet. Make up by Dior.
elle fanning cannes ok
The fuchsia lipstick is combined with an eyeliner that emphasizes the look. Elle Fanning's choice is passed with flying colors. Make up bu L'Oréal Paris
Emily Ratajkowski cannes
The beige pink on model Emily Ratajkowski's lips is perfectly paired with the rest of the look.
jessica chastain cannes
Jessica Chastain wears the color that suits her best on her lips. Hair by Renato Campora for Moroccanoil
uma thurman cannes
A long bob frames the face of Uma Thurman who prefers a minimal beauty look.
sara sampaio cannes
A black kajal highlights the outline of Sara Sampaio's beautiful eyes while a smokey eyes in the colors of the earth deepens the look.
Eva Herzigova cannes
She chooses the shades of rose gold Eva Herzigova who walks on the red carpet with a very lively medium cut. Make up by Dior
lily depp cannes
We like Lili Rose Depp's eye makeup which blurs a black pencil along the eye contour and colors the fixed eyelid with a light brown. Make up by Chanel
hailey baldwin cannes
Precisely designed, thick and prominent, Hailey Baldwin's brows are the star of the look. Credit ph: Splashnews
marion cotillard cannes
Marion Cotillard's hair look is very simple: a long wavy tuft covers the forehead while the make-up is nude.
Aymeline Valade cannes
The peculiarity of the beauty look of Aymeline Valade is the use of the highlighter in some key points for a glowing finish.
Delphine Wespiser cannes 70
Delphine Wespiser collects her hair in a high twist by coloring the lengths a deep red.
Jessica Chastain shows off the most feminine hairdo on the last day of the red carpet.
Lara Lieto cannnes
Lara Lieto's complexion is luminous, with a touch of color on the cheekbones and free of imperfections.
Victoria Bonya cannes
Victoria Bonya pulls her hair into a high ponytail. The lightening on the lengths is to be copied.
What envy for Coco Konig's curls and curls! Make up by Dior
Well-defined eyebrows and a beauty look in soft pink colors for Iman Perez.

Credit ph: Getty Images

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