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IKEA PAX: the modular wardrobe for the perfect bedroom
IKEA PAX: the modular wardrobe for the perfect bedroom

Clothes and accessories always at hand with the PAX DIY wardrobe system

We all dream of a wardrobe large, roomy and versatile able to contain our clothes and accessories, but often transforming ideas into reality is not so simple, having to deal with budget and space problems.

Also in this case IKEA is the right answer for the needs of every home and with the system of PAX wardrobe realizes the dream of a bedroom that is always tidy and well organized.

Below we show you some of the many functional solutions available, reminding you that on the site it is also possible to customize them with the 3D planner. Another world is there, behind the doors of a PAX: ready to explore it?

IKEA PAX: the most beautiful configurations

Auli Ilseng
In dark wood, it adds depth to even the smallest rooms thanks to the optical effect of the mirror.
Neutral shades fit perfectly into any type of bedroom.
By adding the lighting system, no more desperate searches for lost clothes and accessories between doors and drawers.
The fun lies in adding doors and components to create the wardrobe of your dreams.
Among the customization options there is also the choice of colors, such as pastel pink.
Linear shapes and neutral colors perfect for any space.
The whole world behind the doors, with a system of drawers and shelves suitable for every need.
The white and the pattern of the doors of this wardrobe give an extra touch to an essential but comfortable room.
Exhibit the most beautiful clothes while keeping them away from dust and odors? Tyssedal offers the ideal solution with exposed glass doors.
Impeccable finishes and elegance are the key words of this wardrobe.
The perfect solution for playing with colors all around? A contrasting white wardrobe.

Tailor-made and modular, PAX is in fact the ideal solution for organizing clothes, shoes and accessories in multiple combinations of wardrobes and dressers. Just choose styles, sizes and colors and with an affordable budget you will have the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom.

Hinged or sliding doors? Neutral shades or dark wood? With PAX you will have maximum freedom of customization thanks also to the internal drawers, baskets, shelves and pull-out hangers, jewelry compartments and even the right light inside and outside the wardrobe.

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