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10 sneakers for summer 2017
10 sneakers for summer 2017

The right element that matches the most disparate looks, here is the selection of the must-have pieces of the season

The sneakers have officially joined the women's wardrobe for several seasons now. Their practicality and increasingly avant-garde models have led them to become a real one must have, to be worn with a pair of jeans as well as with a more sophisticated dress.

For thesummer 2017 the models in circulation are many, light, colorful but also sober, we have chosen 10 strong pieces to bet on.

Sneakers for summer 2017

Racing 91, peach pink, are the highlight to combine even with more feminine looks.
The gel model declined in two-tone.
For lovers of comics and colorful illustrations, to be worn with a pair of jeans.
Club C model in shades of lilac, a real gem.
With woven straw platform, they are the summer model par excellence.
Delicate, in pink with a few centimeters in height, to combine with the most diverse looks.
The model is called Mayfay (ephemera, ed), is inspired by the insect and follows a soft and sophisticated design, in suede.
Satin, with maxi central bow.
Abstract print for the Horizon model, a revisited cult.
Chuck Tailor model in flat version with contrasting embroidered polka dots.
Off white leather model with glitter band.Credits:

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