Animals and flowers: the themed jewels for Spring / Summer 2017
Animals and flowers: the themed jewels for Spring / Summer 2017

Animals and flowers invade the Spring / Summer 2017 jewels suggested by QVC. Let yourself be seduced by our selection with an exotic and romantic flavor!

Gritty and roaring like the wildest animals in the forest. Graceful and delicate like floral bouquets. The jewels we dug up on QVC for the Spring / Summer 2017 they draw on nature, fauna and flora, the forest and their inhabitants: animals and flowers, one symbol of strength, the other of sweetness. Both protagonists on contrarié rings, button and pendant earrings, necklaces and pendants, bangles and bracelets.

For the next season we will play with the animal world to create a precious and magnetic fashion zoo. Diamonique does it with its snake ring that wraps around the finger almost as if it were sinuously crawling around it, with a decidedly seductive appeal. With Sandra Singh, on the other hand, we find the emblem of power: a crocodile charm with tsavorite on the eyes that make her look magnetic and precious.

The Veronese ring on which a panther head studded with colorless topazes that ends at the other end with the tail of the feline also seems to have just come out of an exotic harem.

But we don't just find roars, trumpets and hisses. The coolest jewels of the season also know romanticism and flow into a riot of petals, buds, leaves and flowers with a bon ton flavor. Like the Roberto by RFM bangle on which triumphs an explosion of small flowers covered with crystals. Swarovski petals instead make up the Aurora earrings in gold color. While a composition of leaves gives life to the Princess Grace bracelet, enriched with green crystals.

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