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Curly men's haircuts: the coolest proposals for SS 2017
Curly men's haircuts: the coolest proposals for SS 2017

Curly hair is the most versatile look for men too. Discover the most glamorous hair styles for SS 2017

If you love the curly hair, this really is your season: on the catwalks men with voluminous hair divided by a central or side line, and worked with texturizing products for a finish that changes from time to time.

Compared to smooth or wavy hair, the hedgehog needs more care with gels and modeling pastes for it styling while the shampoo and conditioner must soften the hair to make it easier to comb and fight frizz. If you have curly hair, leave it dry naturally, or using a diffuser that also helps to work on the volumes.

Volume is the key word for this season's hair looks. Look at our gallery with the selection of best curly haircuts for men and let yourself be inspired.

Curly men's haircuts: the proposals for SS 2017

tagli uomo ricci (9)
Light curls enliven the tuft for a "disheveled" finish.
tagli uomo ricci (5)
Bedhead effect: curly hair is combed without a precise order. The hair is textured for a slightly matte finish.
tagli uomo ricci (4)
Tuft and side line give order to curly hair leaving the forehead uncovered.
tagli uomo ricci (2)
Short hair at the sides, longer at the top. The tufts are left free. To replicate, let the curls dry naturally.
tagli uomo ricci (7)
The thick bangs do not have a homogeneous length. Wax through your hair to stop the hair.
tagli uomo ricci (6)
Romantic and unisex, this hair look seen on the catwalks is ideal for those with easy-to-manage hair.
tagli uomo ricci (8)
For those with curly hair, it is a must to use a detangling shampoo followed by a disciplining conditioner.
tagli uomo ricci (11)
The fringe covers the entire forehead for an afro-mood look.
tagli uomo ricci (3)
The front is worked for a slightly wet finish.
tagli uomo ricci (10)
Volume over for curly hair with bangs.
tagli uomo ricci (12)
English boy mood for this cut with a bon ton finish.

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