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Who is Mariano Di Vaio, the most famous Italian blogger in the world
Who is Mariano Di Vaio, the most famous Italian blogger in the world

Former model, blogger, now singer and aspiring actor: here's everything you need to know about Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano Di Vaio is the most famous Italian blogger in the world. More or less the male equivalent of Chiara Ferragni, of whom he is also a great friend.

To his credit on Instagram boasts 5.7 million followers, more than Fedez so to speak.

For this reason, more and more brands are willing to pay exorbitant amounts in order to appear in one of his posts, but despite this he, 28 years old on 9 May 2017 (and already a husband and father), defines himself as a "man of the south", simple and with untouchable values.

Fresh from his musical debut with the single Wait for me, (which you can listen to here), he could soon realize his great dream: to become the actor.

Here's everything you need to know about him.

mariano di vaio coachella

Who is Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano Di Vaio was born in Assisi on 9 May 1989

To date it is the most famous Italian blogger in the world, with nearly 10 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

He has always loved street style, ever since he was a teenager and spent his afternoons with friends as a writer and skateboarding.

He is a big fan of motors and any sport you practice with the board, from snowboarding to surfing.

mariano di vaio piscina

From model to blogger

At the age of 18 he leaves his city and leaves for London to be a model.

In his career he has lent the face to Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Cucinelli, Tommy Hilfiger and Omega.

After three years it flies in New York to try the way of acting, his great passion.

He gets a partial scholarship for the New York Film Academy, but not having the support of his parents he decides to return to Italy and April his blog, in which he pours all his passion for fashion.

mariano di vaio pettorali

From influencer to actor

The blog gets a great success in a short time, being one of the first dedicated to men.

Source of inspiration was Chiara Ferragni, who started building his empire years before him with the same idea.

The two are good friends, so much so that she even gave him some advice.

From MdVStyle (this is the name of the blog) the MDV Collections and Nohow clothing lines are born.

Last year he participated in the program Selfie, conducted by Simona Ventura.

Also in 2016 he managed to fulfill his great dream, being an actor, participating in the film "Deported", shot in Los Angeles under the direction of Yoram Globus.

mariano di vaio nohow

The success of the MDV Style blog

Mariano Di Vaio's blog was born in 2012, after the New York interlude, when he was 22 years old.

«I went back to university but then I had the intuition to put to good use what I had learned abroad where they were really ahead on this topic. This is how the fashion blog was born, it was the first one made by a man and I think that is why I have become a successful model », he revealed to Ansa.

Not by chance, includes him in its ranks of influencers, as first IT Boy of the site.

Now, in addition to talking about fashion and giving advice, it is an e-commerce where you can also find the garments he designed with the Nohow line, which has grown to 15 employees.

mariano di vaio moglie

Mariano Di Vario and Eleonora Brunacci

The blogger, influencer, singer and actor already is married for two years with Eleonora Brunacci, lawyer from Perugia.

A normal girl, without too many frills, far removed from the world Mariano is used to, but who shares the same values ​​with him.

First of all the family.

The two have been together for six years, since before Mariano became a web star. Yet she is not jealous and manages to preserve her privacy.

mariano di vaio figlio

Mariano Di Vaio dad

On November 27, 2016, Mariano and Eleonora became the baby's parents Nathan Leone.

The couple continues to live in Perugia, to give their son the affection of grandparents and great-grandparents.

It is the blogger who divides himself between home and the rest of the world, trying to take his family with him when he can and to return as often as possible.

Meanwhile, even the little one Nathan is already a star.

For him, his father created an ad hoc Instagram profile that has more than 90,000 followers.

mariano di vaio sosia uomini donne

Mariano Di Vaio and the double to Men and Women

If you Google the name of Mariano Di Vaio, among the possible alternatives you will find his name linked to the program of Maria De Filippi.

Program to which actually the blogger he never participated, simply among the suitors of the show there was a boy, by name Pietro Tartaglione, who resembled him very much, so much so that Maria herself was impressed.

In the photo above is the one on the right, judge for yourself.

mariano di vaio profilo

Mariano Di Vaio singer

On the day of his twenty-eighth birthday, May 9, Mariano decided to give himself his first single, Wait for me, made in collaboration with Jonathan Catalano.

The single is accompanied by a video recorded in Los Angeles which sees the participation of an infinite number of influencers - from Nick Bateman to Jay Alvarrez, from Helen Owen to Uldouz and Veronica Ferraro.

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