Bf Bella # Fashion VAPOLISS: the steam straightening brush also ideal for unruly curly hair
Bf Bella # Fashion VAPOLISS: the steam straightening brush also ideal for unruly curly hair

THE curly and unruly hair they can be difficult to style on a daily basis and styling may not always lead to that perfect, silky straight hair you want.

bf Bella # Fashion by Beppe D'Elia wanted to provide all women with curly and wavy hair, lovers of flawless smoothness, the tool that will revolutionize their styling: VAPOLISS, the electric straightening steam brush.


Characterized by automatic puffs of steam, 92 heated peaks and 48 detangling brushes, VAPOLISS is the ideal straightening brush for obtaining smooth, soft and hydrated hair right up to the tips, even in cases of intensely curly and frizzy hair.

The technology that enriches VAPOLISS provides for the automatic delivery of steam that is released as soon as you start brushing your hair for a continuous effect up to 15 minutes, thanks to the 30 ml tank capacity.

L'strongly smoothing action given by the combination of heated peaks and jets of steam it allows to obtain a silky and luminous hair with extreme ease in total respect of the health of the hair. The credit goes to the possibility of regulating the temperature of VAPOLISS, so as to adapt the intensity of its action to each type of hair.


The VAPOLISS steam straightening brush is characterized by made in Italy design and inspired by the results of immediate perfection obtained in the backstage of fashion shows.

Designed by Beppe D'Elia, an internationally renowned hairstylist, to make all the expertise of a professional available to every woman through a brush for home use.


Smooth, protected and shiny hair. With VAPOLISS it's even easier

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