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Graphic eye make-up: new ideas to try right away
Graphic eye make-up: new ideas to try right away

Close-up look? try a graphic look to enhance the eyes with a contemporary twist

The graphic eye makeup plays with geometric lines of different thickness or color to define, enhance or correct the shape of the eyes, exploring new contemporary forms.

The make-up artists have paid particular attention to this make up trend during the parades Spring / Summer 2017, using it to create essential accents on nude makeup which is the ideal match.

A few products are required to achieve it, which must have particular characteristics based on the result to be obtained: liquid or gel eyeliner with brush for the thinnest lines to be drawn freehand or colored and pigmented pencils with strong, high precision writing., for color accents and more intense strokes.

What are the hottest graphic eye makeup styles?

First of all the classic cat eye revisited in a graphic key: it is obtained by drawing straight and stylized lines that meet beyond the outer corner of the eye. In vogue the versions with the line that also extends along the crease of the eyelid (crease eyeliner) creating decorative geometric designs. The cat eye colorful graphic, especially in shades of blue or metallic.

Interesting too "highlighter" style, characterized by a often drawn from square profiles: we have seen it in a replacement version of the eyeliner, which opens and intensifies the look without retro references, or applied in a trapezoidal shape in the outer corner of the eye, just below the browbone.

Who is it good for?

To all, if you have the foresight to choose the style that best suits the characteristics of your eyes.

Small or bulging eyes should opt for the graphic cat eye, preferably in black, which enlarges, lengthens and smooths the volumes. big eyes they can play with fine lines and crease eyeliner, which make the silhouette of the eye feline.

Discover in the gallery the most beautiful examples of graphic eye makeup to copy immediately that we have selected for you!

Graphic eye makeup: the looks to try now

Essential this cat eye made with black pen eyeliner that completely surrounds the eye contour and extends with a slight cat's tongue curve towards the temples.
A graphic and abstract cat eye: liquid or gel eyeliner is applied with a thick line drawn only along the inner and outer corner of the eye.
Defined and thick lines, made with a highly pigmented turquoise product: they enhance the brightness of the clear iris.
Cat eye with a sharp design, illuminated by the blue accent drawn within the black line. Create an interesting contrast with dark eyes.
This cat eye plays on three contrasting shades with clear lines that stretch the eye outwards. Made with shades complementary to the color of the iris, they highlight it particularly.
Cat eye with straight lines that meet in the outer corner of the eye. To soften the look, a pencil is used that makes it blendable and accentuates the brightness with a touch of shimmering powder applied under the inner corner.
Thin, clean and minimal black stroke traced with a pigment or a golden eyeliner in full light along the upper lash line.
The black liquid (or gel) eyeliner is applied with a light and very thin stroke that creates an angle between the inner vertex of the eyes and the junction of the nose. The result is ultra feline but minimal.
Cat eye in black that also draws the crease of the eyelid to increase the depth of the gaze, creating a very graphic continuous line.
Inspired by the eye make-up in vogue among the IT girls of the 60s, this make-up is reinterpreted in a contemporary key by choosing light and essential lines. Perfect for enlarging and "opening" the eye.
The more graphic eyeliner is characterized by the broken line that draws a tongue on the outside of the eye. Lengthen your gaze without tapering its contours.
Highlighter effect line: thick, clean and with square profiles. The black has a matte varnish finish that gives it a punk rock look.
A small trapezoid drawn with gel eyeliner under the outer browline creates an unexpected and conceptual graphic element that "raises" the gaze.

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